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The Indoor Mapping Landscape

Mar 31, 202115 min read

Today, maps are everything. We use them to orient ourselves within the world, locate areas we’re not familiar with, and get directions to exactly where we need to go. Getting...

Indoor Mapping


Mappedin & Satisfi Labs: Making Spaces Discoverable

Mar 24, 20213 min read

Mappedin and Satisfi Labs are maximizing discoverability across indoor spaces. Here’s how we’re doing it.  Who is Satisfi Labs? Satisfi Labs is a conversational AI platform, creating conversational answer engines...

Mallplaza: Managing Maps Across a Portfolio

Mar 17, 20214 min read

As part of an effort to increase digital innovation across their shopping mall portfolio, Mallplaza worked closely with Mappedin to implement an intuitive, scalable, and digital mapping solution.  The Customer...

Guide to Maintaining Digital Stadium Maps

Mar 16, 20214 min read

Stadiums and arenas are constantly changing to account for a wide range of events, from sports games to concerts. This prompts the question: how can we make it easy and...



Using Digital Maps to Reopen Stadiums and Arenas

Mar 11, 20216 min read

When the pandemic hit, stadiums and arenas faced closure and the fan experience changed drastically. Fans could no longer look forward to going to a sports game to cheer on...



The Future of Indoor Mapping

Mar 9, 20217 min read

We’ve discussed the evolution of indoor mapping, now let’s take a look at indoor mapping tools that exist today and what indoor mapping might look like in the future. In...

The Evolution of Indoor Mapping

Mar 2, 20214 min read

Indoor maps have been digitized but their evolution goes far beyond this change. The way they are designed, maintained, and used have all transformed. In this blog, we will examine...

ServiceNow and Mappedin: Improving the Employee Experience

Feb 23, 20215 min read

ServiceNow is a leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people. They have helped nearly 7,000 enterprise customers transform their old, manual ways of working into modern...

Designing Indoor Maps for Different Use Cases

Feb 18, 20215 min read

At Mappedin, we are passionate about indoor navigation, design, and building the best-in-class maps for all industries. With high attention to detail and exceptional design skills, our map design team...

How Offices Can Prepare for the Return to Work

Feb 8, 20215 min read

The workplace has drastically changed due to COVID-19. As of right now, roughly half the workforce is remote and workplace preferences are shifting alongside. This begs the question: how can...



How Offices Can Use Indoor Maps as Part of Their Reopening Strategies

Feb 2, 20217 min read

After months of closure, facility managers are looking for ways to ensure new protocols are in place to safely reopen their offices. Social distancing standards are now mandatory for public...



How Will Indoor Mapping Change Post-COVID?

Feb 2, 20216 min read

While the fundamentals may not change, we will certainly see new use cases for indoor mapping post-COVID. Since COVID-19 hit, we have had to change the way we work and live...

Product Launch: Responsive Web App V2

Feb 1, 20214 min read

Read what's new and improved with V2 our Responsive Web App solution and how to use it to showcase digital indoor maps of your buildings.  The Responsive Web App is one of...

Web App


Product 101: Responsive Web App

Jan 28, 20214 min read

Mappedin’s Responsive Web App enables users to search, discover, and navigate complex venues. Built with our Web SDK, the responsive design allows visitors to access indoor maps across any device....

Web App


Guide to Maintaining Maps with Mappedin

Jan 14, 20218 min read

Not only is the Mappedin platform incredibly flexible and easy to use in terms of building maps, it’s also a great tool for maintaining maps. In this guide to maintaining maps with...

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