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Employee Q&A: Briton Burgio

Dec 7, 20218 min read

Briton is Mappedin's Account Executive for Inside Sales. We're discussing her transition between teams, qualities and skills that are important for a job in sales, how to handle client rejection,...



Simon: Delivering A High-End Mobile Shopping Experience

Dec 1, 20214 min read

With a vision to enhance the shopper experience, Simon Property Group uses Mappedin’s React Native SDK to display custom interactive maps in their brand new Simon Mobile App, enabling shoppers to...

Create a leasing map for a mall with Mappedin Web SDK

Nov 29, 20214 min read

Mappedin SDKs are flexible toolkits for working with your venue map to create custom applications beyond consumer-facing indoor navigation. A leasing map is another useful map view for many malls,...

Dev Content

Canal Walk Shopping Centre: A Use Case for Mappedin's Web App V2

Nov 25, 20215 min read

Canal Walk uses Mappedin’s Responsive Web App V2 to showcase interactive indoor maps on their website, delivering an impressive high-end shopping experience just in time for the holiday season. What...

Feature 101: Save My Section

Nov 23, 20213 min read

Save My Section allows map users to pin the location of their section on the map, allowing for easy navigation to and from their seat throughout the duration of their...

Web App


Product Launch: SDK V 4.0

Nov 22, 20214 min read

Find out what’s new and improved with V 4.0 of our SDKs and how you can launch this solution across your venues.  Mappedin’s Mobile and Web SDKs allow you to build a...



Indoor Mapping Use Case: Asset Tracking

Nov 18, 20218 min read

Asset tracking provides building owners and operators valuable information to streamline their business operations and increase efficiencies. Paired with a digital indoor map, asset tracking and management is taken to...

Feature 101: Mappedin Venue Format (MVF)

Nov 11, 20212 min read

Mappedin Venue Format (MVF) is a GeoJSON-based export that translates location data from the Mappedin system into a format that is globally recognized and documented. GeoJSON supports several different geometry...

Map Editor


Employee Q&A: Paul Bernhardt

Nov 8, 20218 min read

Paul is Mappedin’s Director of Engineering. We’re discussing his journey at Mappedin, some cool things the Engineering team is working on, and the hiring process for a software developer. Paul,...



Indoor Mapping in Australia

Nov 4, 202117 min read

Google Maps provide a solution for navigating outdoor spaces, but what about the indoors? Digital indoor mapping technology allows you to navigate where traditional GPS technology can’t: the indoors.  With...

How to Use Indoor Positioning Analytics to Benefit Your Business

Oct 29, 20217 min read

Indoor positioning software elevates indoor mapping experiences by enabling users to accurately visualize their real-time position within a venue. While this technology helps customers navigate indoor spaces, it also proves...

ArcGIS Indoors Alternatives: Mappedin, Mapwize, Inpixon

Oct 28, 20216 min read

ArcGIS Indoors is a complete indoor mapping system for smart building management. This software company organizes computer-aided design (CAD), building information modeling (BIM), site scans, and operational datasets into floor-aware...

5 Reasons to Use Digital Maps in Grocery Stores

Oct 20, 20215 min read

Digital grocery store maps provide product information, a shopping list builder, and optimized routing so that shoppers and employees alike can navigate store layouts efficiently.  For most people, picking up groceries is...



4 Ways to Use Indoor Mapping in Casinos

Oct 18, 20216 min read

If you’re a fan of gambling, or simply want a fun night out, a visit to the casino might be exactly what you need. From slot machines, to table games...

Mappedin Alternatives: Mapwize, Inpixon, ArcGIS Indoors

Oct 15, 20218 min read

It is exciting to see more companies join the indoor mapping space as we all work towards the same goal: making indoor spaces easy to navigate. While we have the...

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