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The Importance of Emergency Mapping Software

Mar 31, 20229 min read

On the front lines of public safety, first responders play a vital role in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from accidents, natural disasters, and emergency situations. With digital mapping...



Blue Dot Navigation For Stadiums

Mar 28, 20227 min read

How can you use blue dot navigation in your stadium or arena to deliver an unforgettable fan experience? Keep reading to find out. What is Blue Dot Navigation? Blue dot...



Blue Dot Navigation For Airports

Mar 24, 20227 min read

Planning your next flight? Find out how airports can use digital maps with blue dot navigation to provide the best travel experience. What is Blue Dot Navigation? With indoor positioning,...

Augmenting Directions with Wait Time Information

Mar 23, 20222 min read

Navigating an airport is one of the most stressful parts of traveling. To avoid the hassle, airports can provide detailed digital maps including a Blue Dot wayfinding feature using the Mappedin SDKs. With the...

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Blue Dot Navigation For Offices

Mar 23, 20227 min read

Blue dot navigation provides enhanced wayfinding for employees and unlocks a variety of other location-based experiences for offices. Not only can employees take advantage of turn-by-turn directions, but management can...



Blue Dot Navigation For Colleges & Universities

Mar 17, 20227 min read

Having trouble locating classrooms, amenities, and services on campus? Navigating between several buildings, floors, and indoor-outdoor components on a university or college campus can be extremely challenging. But with blue...



Blue Dot Navigation For Shopping Malls

Mar 16, 20226 min read

Mappedin is the leading provider of indoor mapping experiences for shopping malls around the world. Our software for shopping malls provide Mappedin customers with real-time map management and intuitive wayfinding...



PlusCity: Seamless Interactive Shopping Maps Across Web and Mobile

Mar 10, 20223 min read

To help shoppers navigate through their expansive shopping centre, PlusCity uses Mappedin’s Responsive Web App and Mobile SDK to display interactive digital maps on their website and mobile app. With...

Employee Q&A: Tomas Dousek

Mar 9, 20226 min read

In this Q&A, we chat with Tomas, an Account Executive on the Sales team. We delve into his experience transitioning from a Business Development Rep to an AE, what he...



Blue Dot Navigation For Buildings

Mar 7, 20226 min read

Blue Dot: What is it? How does it work? What’s the difference between blue dot and wayfinding? What’s the best indoor positioning system? Read on for answers to these and...

We’re Hiring: Mappedin Culture, How to Tailor Your Resume, Top Interview Tips, and More!

Mar 2, 20227 min read

Avanti Krishnan is the People and Culture Manager at Mappedin. We discuss what it’s like to work at Mappedin, the flexible work arrangements and benefits we offer, along with tips...



Wayfinding SDK - Indoor Mapping for Offices

Mar 1, 20227 min read

Integrated office building maps improve transparency, enhance the employee experience, streamline workplace reservations, and help identify inefficiencies. With Mappedin’s SDKs, offices can build powerful, customized, and integrated solutions.   Wayfinding SDK...



Employee Q&A: Ralph Vieira

Feb 28, 20226 min read

Today we delve into all things DevOps with Ralph, the DevOps Team Lead at Mappedin. We discuss the problems he’s trying to solve, what he enjoys most about his role,...



Employee Q&A: Ben Liu - Co-op Student Turned Senior Software Developer

Feb 25, 20227 min read

In only two years, Ben Liu transitioned from a co-op student to a Senior Software Developer at Mappedin. Astonishingly, he now manages his own co-op student. We delve into his...



Wayfinding SDK - Indoor Mapping for Stadiums

Feb 24, 20227 min read

Digital stadium maps allow fans to intuitively navigate from the parking lot to their seat, while exploring shops and services along the way. Wayfinding SDKs provide developers with the ultimate...



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