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Mappedin Product Update - Q3 2018

Oct 4, 2018
4 min read
By: Mappedin

This quarter, we've created Mobile Pass, improved the multi-floor wayfinding experience, and added "new" and "coming soon" location states.

In the last quarter, we’ve spent a large portion of time optimizing and expanding our core offering within the mall space. We have many exciting new features and products that continue to extend the value of a digital map. Along with our product evolution, we’ve been building exciting new partnerships and integrations that we believe help strengthen our core products as well as unlock opportunities outside of the mall space. In particular, a recently announced partnership with ThoughtWire is opening up opportunities in spaces that can also benefit from the value of a digital map asset.

This newsletter is meant to keep you updated on what we’ve been up to. As always, we welcome any feedback that could further improve your reading experience.

Contact us to learn more. 

Digital Directories

What's new?

Mobile Pass – Mobile Pass is a new and exciting feature that allows users to take the directory experience from the kiosk to their mobile phones. When a search takes place, the screen shows a prompt that reads “Tap to take directions with you.” When selected, a QR code appears on the directory interface and if scanned, the destination and route are pre-populated onto a mobile web experience.

Improved Multi-floor Experience – We are continuously working to improve our multi-floor experience to make it more intuitive for users. Colours have been assigned to the starting location, journey, and destination floors. The level buttons are interactive and when selected, the map will zoom and display the journey along that section of the path.

Crash Screen – As hard as we try to ensure there are no crashes, in the event of one, the new crash screen aims to minimize the impact on users.

New Backend Platform – We’ve moved to a Windows Hybrid App Platform to reduce our software reliability on third party apps. This gives our directories better stability and less downtime, and gives us more control and better tracking. 

Dynamic Directory Plus

What's new?

Amenity Phone Numbers – For our mall customers, phone numbers can now be added to amenities as well as store locations. 

Mappedin CMS

What's new?

Location States – Our customers can now add “new” or “coming soon” states to locations across web, print and digital directories. This feature allows venues to highlight exciting additions to their properties and gives increased visibility to visitors.

“Short Name” Field – In the Mappedin CMS, there is now a field for "short name" on each location. By decreasing the length of location names, more polygons on the map will display a location name and the text size of small locations will be easier to read.

Updated Layer Panel - The layer panel lives within the Mappedin CMS tools and has been updated for improved usability. “Add a layer” is now white to stand out as a field that can be completed, thin grey lines have been added to separate layer names, and the delete, lock, and view buttons will no longer show until the user hovers over a layer. 

Mappedin Web

What's new?

Smart Labels – Smart Labels are an optional way to display location names on a venue map. Our algorithm prioritizes which labels to show based on a variety of factors including square footage and volume of searches and selections for that location. Smart Labels will adapt to display as the map is moved around.

Deep Linking – To ensure your website takes users directly to the map as effectively as possible, we’ve worked through the optimization of deep linking. The deep links have been simplified with more readable, human names.

  • Before: www.mall.com/map/#/amenity/5582F324

  • After: www.mall.com/map/#/amenity/restroom

Search Bar Enhancements – Small changes have been made to the Mappedin Web search experience. Opening hours will now be displayed with a 12 or 24-hour clock depending on the venue location and its language preferences. In the search bar, when a long term is entered, the search bar fades to indicate that the phrase continues.

Load Time Improvements - We've made some backend changes to greatly improve the load times of Mappedin Web. In our tests, this led to as much as a 55% decrease in load time.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact us.