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Al Bidda Park: A Use Case for Mappedin SDKs

Jul 7, 2021
3 min read
By: Sofia Spagnuolo

Mappedin’s SDKs have the ability to create navigation systems that enhance and satisfy a visitor’s trip. Al Bidda Park integrated with our SDKs to build a customized and unique mapping experience. Through the use of our handy tool kits, Al Bidda Park created a map that accommodates and entertains all of its users. 

What is Al Bidda Park?

Al Bidda Park is one of the oldest and most popular parks in Doha, Qatar, dating back to 1681 when it was first founded. Al Bidda Park integrated with Mappedin to highlight notable features on their map such as visitor facilities, park events, sports and recreation activities, and other exciting key points of interest. Al Bidda Park aspired to create a mapping experience that gave visitors the knowledge they needed to have a pleasant and efficient visit to their park. 

Why SDKs?

Navigating through a park can be difficult and time-consuming when spending your time searching for a “You are Here” sign to locate yourself and reach your next destination. That’s why Al Bidda Park has integrated with our SDKs to create a mobile application that allows visitors to see their exact location when navigating their way through the park. Al Bidda Park allows its visitors to get directions on their devices from the moment they park their car and are searching to make their way into the venue. Through the flexible use of our SDKs, Al Bidda Park customized markers on their venue map enabling maximum discovery of the park’s amenities.

Mappedin’s SDKs allow venues to go one step further by providing visitors with up-to-date information along with easy access to booking areas such as gazebo spots for family BBQs, ensuring fewer wait times. With so many different things offered at the park, Al Bidda Park utilized our SDKs to showcase events happening through their activities page. Event details and turn-by-turn directions make finding a desired point of interest easy and time-efficient for all visitors. All these features are located in Al Bidda Park’s mobile application, making it easy for visitors to keep information all in one place when planning and executing their trip.

How we do it

Al Bidda Park was eager to get up and running, so we made it possible for them. In November of 2020, our support team worked relentlessly to dedicate the time to finalize our React Native SDK along with our right-to-left (RTL) text support, to accommodate their map and have it launched in May of 2021. 

React Native is a programming language that allows programmers to develop a product in one place and have the outcome be available on both Android and iOS platforms. Mappedin minimizes the added stress of creating two different products that are targeting each platform separately. With React Native, venues like Al Bidda Park can save time with faster development incentives by accommodating all users regardless of their device preference. Al Bidda Park’s mobile app utilizes Mappedin’s SDKs to directly add features while seamlessly integrating with other platforms. A unique navigation system requires creativity that an SDK can permit while effortlessly syncing other desired solutions into Al Bidda Park’s mobile application. 

Mappedin’s flexible SDKs and continuous support enabled Al Bidda Park to create and execute the mobile app experience they desired for their visitors. To learn how you can create your desired mapping experience, contact us.