Okinawa Arena: Using SDKs to Deliver the Ultimate Visitor Experience

Oct 4, 2021
5 min read
By: Lucy Bragg

As an innovative entertainment venue, Okinawa Arena is a forerunner for implementing a digital map of a stadium in Japan. As such, they used Mappedin’s Web SDK to provide an engaging and custom mapping experience that delivers intuitive wayfinding and ultimately caters to the visitor experience. 

What is Okinawa Arena?

Okinawa Arena is the largest event arena in Okinawa, Japan and accommodates various state-of-the-art experiences such as concerts, exhibitions, and sporting events. Unlike traditional arenas, Okinawa Arena offers a higher quality entertainment experience with VIP-only areas, banquet halls, viewing from private suites, and a variety of facilities to provide enhanced hospitality to guests.

Why a Digital Mapping Solution?

Okinawa Arena places an emphasis on the convenience and hospitality of visitors and organizers, differentiating themselves from other entertainment venues. As part of their initiative to enhance visitors’ enjoyment, they wanted an engaging digital map to feature on their website. This way, they could ensure that location information is always up-to-date while accommodating different events, and visitors could explore all that the arena has to offer with intuitive wayfinding and navigation. With step-by-step directions, the digital map makes it easy for visitors to locate their seats, food vendors, restrooms, and all other services.

Okinawa Arena also emphasized the importance of a mapping solution that was not only easy to integrate, but capable of layering on additional experiences that go beyond showcasing their venue. For instance, they wanted to offer wait time tracking for restrooms, so that guests would never have to miss out on an event while waiting in line for the washroom. Visitors can simply pull up the digital map on their mobile device, locate the closest restroom and view wait times, populate directions there, then quickly locate their seat again with the click of a button. This makes exploring a stadium, and its amenities, a seamless and stress-free experience, so that guests can ultimately enjoy the event! 

How We Built a Custom Mapping Experience

Mappedin and Zenrin Datacom have worked together to power digital mapping and wayfinding solutions for properties across Japan. With this partnership, and continuous support from our team, Okinawa Arena was able to design and build their own custom wayfinding experience with our Web SDK that enables maximum discovery of the venue’s services and amenities. Using this platform, visitors can ultimately focus on watching their favourite sports team or artist perform. 

Okinawa Arena integrated with our versatile Web SDK to create an intriguing digital map with customized wayfinding signage, ensuring an enjoyable experience for visitors. With the arena spanning over several floors, it can be extremely challenging for guests to navigate. Fortunately, Mappedin’s Web SDK is equipped with key navigational features such as 3D maps, step-by-step directions, multi-floor wayfinding, custom amenity icons, smart search, and intuitive mapping controls that eliminate visitor stress and confusion. 

To ensure that visitors can navigate safely and independently, Okinawa Arena also integrated Mappedin’s quick access QR codes for touchless directions. Visitors can simply scan a digital or printed QR code featured in the arena, and have the digital map experience open on their mobile devices. This way, when a large number of people visit the facility and don’t know where to go, they can scan the QR code to populate step-by-step directions to their destination, making navigation simplified and contactless.

With our SDKs, Okinawa Arena was also able to layer on additional capabilities that go beyond delivering navigation and wayfinding. As such, they implemented wait time tracking for restrooms across all five floors. Not only does this make it easy for visitors to locate the closest available washroom and avoid wait times, but it also increases safety and minimizes congestion within the venue. As an entertainment space, delivering an impressive experience such as this is crucial in captivating guests to return again. An arena that ensures that you don’t have to miss the event? Count us in! 

Together, our digital solution supports Okinawa Arena’s vision of offering a higher quality entertainment experience that emphasizes the convenience and hospitality of visitors. By successfully launching 3D maps on their website, Okinawa Arena has offered navigational capabilities that differentiate themselves from all other competitors in the entertainment space. With Mappedin’s help, they deliver an enhanced experience that visitors keep coming back for! 

Mappedin and Zenrin Datacom’s strategic partnership in Japan has helped deliver an innovative and custom mapping experience for Okinawa Arena. Through our work together, we provide an interactive map with wayfinding and wait time integrations that support Okinawa Arena’s digital transformation and make navigation simple for visitors.

- Michael Pasket, VP of Sales, Mappedin

Looking Forward

Mappedin continues to provide solutions that go beyond navigation, and power experiences that ultimately transform your indoor space. Stadiums, arenas, convention centres, and other entertainment venues can use digital maps as the foundation for their highly engaging, state-of-the-art experiences. 

To learn more about how Mappedin offers indoor mapping for Okinawa Arena, or how you can create your desired mapping solution, contact us today.