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ArcGIS Indoors Alternatives: Mappedin, Mapwize, Inpixon

Oct 28, 20216 min read

ArcGIS Indoors is a complete indoor mapping system for smart building management. This software company organizes computer-aided design (CAD), building information modeling (BIM), site scans, and operational datasets into floor-aware...

Mappedin Alternatives: Mapwize, Inpixon, ArcGIS Indoors

Oct 15, 20218 min read

It is exciting to see more companies join the indoor mapping space as we all work towards the same goal: making indoor spaces easy to navigate. While we have the...

What is a Digital Twin?

Jun 29, 20214 min read

A guide to Digital Twins: what they are, why they're used, their connection to the indoors, and how to get started. What is a Digital Twin?  A Digital Twin is...

The Indoor Mapping Landscape

Mar 31, 202115 min read

Today, maps are everything. We use them to orient ourselves within the world, locate areas we’re not familiar with, and get directions to exactly where we need to go. Getting...

Indoor Mapping


The Future of Indoor Mapping

Mar 9, 20217 min read

We’ve discussed the evolution of indoor mapping, now let’s take a look at indoor mapping tools that exist today and what indoor mapping might look like in the future. In...

The Evolution of Indoor Mapping

Mar 2, 20214 min read

Indoor maps have been digitized but their evolution goes far beyond this change. The way they are designed, maintained, and used have all transformed. In this blog, we will examine...

Designing Indoor Maps for Different Use Cases

Feb 18, 20215 min read

At Mappedin, we are passionate about indoor navigation, design, and building the best-in-class maps for all industries. With high attention to detail and exceptional design skills, our map design team...

How Will Indoor Mapping Change Post-COVID?

Feb 2, 20216 min read

While the fundamentals may not change, we will certainly see new use cases for indoor mapping post-COVID. Since COVID-19 hit, we have had to change the way we work and live...

Guide to Maintaining Maps with Mappedin

Jan 14, 20218 min read

Not only is the Mappedin platform incredibly flexible and easy to use in terms of building maps, it’s also a great tool for maintaining maps. In this guide to maintaining maps with...

How to Create Indoor Maps with Mappedin

Jan 11, 202110 min read

Indoor digital maps are extremely important when it comes to navigating indoor spaces where GPS doesn’t work. Advanced mapping software, like Mappedin, allows you to create maps for a variety of...

Indoor Mapping Helps to Build Smart Cities

Nov 10, 20208 min read

We're discussing how indoor mapping software plays an important role in helping to develop smart cities of the future.  Mappedin's powerful mapping platform provides us with a unique understanding of location information...

12 Things To Consider When Choosing An Indoor Mapping Provider

Aug 21, 202012 min read

When you’re navigating the outdoors, there’s no better way to determine your position than through GPS technology. Outdoor mapping solutions are used by everyone from seafaring ships to passenger planes...

Indoor Mapping


7 Ways Digital Wayfinding Can Improve The Customer Experience

Aug 19, 202010 min read

In this article, we explore the different ways that digital wayfinding can be used to improve satisfaction among your visitors. How does digital wayfinding enhance customer experiences? GPS has largely...

Mapping Automation & The Digital Twin

Apr 16, 20204 min read

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of a digital map and thinking about that map as an asset. In this post, we will discuss the concept of automation as part...

The Importance of a Digital Indoor Map

Apr 13, 20204 min read

There are a unique set of challenges when creating an indoor map, even before it is digitized. Having a digital indoor map, however, yields accuracies, efficiencies, and experiences.  All over the...

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