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Mappedin for Enterprise - Product Header

Mappedin for Enterprise

Mappedin for Enterprise empowers businesses with indoor mapping products to create navigation and wayfinding experiences for their venues. Help visitors find what they need using maps available on the web and kiosks.

Create indoor maps for your business. Improve visitor experiences.

From web maps to digital directories, Mappedin for Enterprise provides indoor mapping applications tailored to the needs of businesses and organizations. Built for scalability, companies can leverage Mappedin enterprise products to create and maintain detailed indoor maps of their venue and provide valuable information to their employees, visitors, and customers. Whether it's an office, shopping mall, stadium, or airport, Mappedin can help create indoor navigation and wayfinding experiences, increase discoverability, and boost customer engagement.

Mappedin for Enterprise products:

Mappedin for Enterprise Products

Build and maintain maps. Easily deploy to all applications.

Mappedin for Enterprise helps businesses provide their visitors and customers with indoor maps and navigation. Venues can create customer experiences through digital directories to highlight amenities such as restaurants and shops. Web maps can provide directions and information to customers on the go. Mappedin makes it easy to maintain location information and deploy it to multiple applications quickly.

Mappedin Web

  • Responsive on any device: Provide step-by-step directions, search, and multi-destination wayfinding on any device for a consistent experience.

  • Discovery at your fingertips: Features such as search, top locations, deals, and events allow you to highlight the services, amenities and offerings within your venue.

  • Real-time positioning: Bluedot makes navigation even easier by showing a user's exact location and enabling them to follow their route during their journey.

Seamless Wayfinding - Directory Feature

Digital Directory

  • Intuitive experience: Ensure users can plan their route and head off in the right direction for an enjoyable experience.

  • Hand-off to mobile: For long routes, enable users to take directions with them using Mobile Pass — a QR code feature to go from kiosk to mobile device..

  • Revenue opportunities: Showcase venue amenities and events by displaying digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisements.

Multiple Venue Management in CMS

Mappedin CMS

  • One place to manage all your maps: Keep maps up-to-date from a single source of truth and publish across multiple platforms.

  • Collaborative editing: Enable multiple editors through different permission sets to efficiently maintain your venue maps.

  • Real-time updates: Mapping updates that publish in real time so you can deliver the most accurate information to visitors.

Need to build a custom mapping solution?

Mappedin SDKs are designed to help you integrate mapping into your website, mobile application, or custom directory. With added support from our professional development team, you can design and build a unique experience that fits seamlessly into any platform.


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An android and an iOS device navigating the user through a museum.


Two mobile phones and a laptop with digital map displayed on all 3 with code on screen.


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