Office Mapping, Navigation & Positioning Software

Digital mapping software helps office buildings keep employee floor plans up-to-date. Access Smart Search and intuitive wayfinding to meeting rooms, offices, washrooms, and other building amenities. Plan desk layouts and floor plans to create safer workspaces. Integrate location information with your IoT strategy to build a Smart Building ecosystem.

Accurate Office Building Floor Plans

Mappedin's CMS software is the foundational layer for your office mapping experience. The Map Editor is easy to use and makes it simple to edit location and map data in real-time. The Analytics Dashboard provides valuable insights into what visitors are searching for and how employees navigate through your building.

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Office Mapping Solutions

Our mapping software has been designed for mobile, web, and digital directory displays so that employees and guests can access 3D maps and wayfinding across any device and for multiple purposes.

Workplace Mobile Applications

Workplace applications can help employers communicate with their team and provide helpful information to employees. Mappedin's SDKs provide the core elements of a digital map and wayfinding experience. This software allows businesses to create custom mapping experiences that can be integrated into existing mobile applications. When used alongside indoor positioning systems, our SDKs unlock even more powerful experiences.

Creating a Safer Workplace with Office Map Positioning

Employee Contact Monitoring

Mappedin has created an open-sourced contact monitoring solution to help keep workspaces and their employees safe. This solution enrolls employee devices into a private location monitoring service that only works on-premises and can be hosted by an employer. This cohesive solution is made up of three components.

Native Mobile SDKs

The iOS and Android SDKs can be integrated into existing applications, such as workplace experience apps, and allows devices to get accurate indoor location data while an employee is on site.

Ingestion API

The Ingestion API is responsible for collecting the location data, processing it at high volumes to determine contact, and storing it optimally for query by the dashboard.

Contact Dashboard

The pre-built dashboard queries the processed data and provides summaries and visualizations, such as live occupancy information of the office on a map.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

By combining a digital map with indoor positioning technology, employees and visitors can see their precise location within a venue and access turn-by-turn directions to their destination.

Workplace Alerts

With a workplace application and accurate location information, employers can send alerts to their staff about building maintenance, fire drills, or important safety information.

Digital Directory Maps and Navigation for Offices

3D Interactive Maps

Digital 3D maps of your office allow users to quickly get acquainted with the floor plan as they pan, zoom, and rotate the interactive display. As the map moves, so do dynamic elements such as text labels. Accessibility mode helps to ensure a seamless indoor navigation experience for all visitors.

Smart Search

Customize the fields that your visitors can search by in the map management platform, including employee name, department, meeting room, amenity, and more. As users type, predictive results appear, minimizing the number of keystrokes needed to find a location.

Advertising and Promotions

Showcase important building or company information front-and-centre on your Digital Directory display. Not only can you edit building maps with the Mappedin CMS, but you also have the ability to create content and schedule it to display for specified periods of time.

Office Mapping Features

3d Wayfinding

With interactive 3D maps of your office building, employees and visitors can search on-the-go and populate the most efficient route to their destination.

Easy Integration

Combine your office maps with additional IoT devices to create a Smart Building ecosystem. With accurate location data and real-time updates, the possibilities are endless.

Mobile Pass

Mappedin’s Mobile Pass allows users to take the digital map experience on-the-go. Text and QR code software provide a seamless handoff between the directory and mobile devices.

accessible to all

Accessibility Mode provides filters and pathing for users to navigate along routes that prioritize elevators and ramps over stairs and escalators.


Mappedin’s products have been deployed globally and we strive to support as many languages as possible. If we don’t have the language you need, we will add it.

Insights & Analytics

Gain a better understanding of what your visitors are looking for by monitoring searches and location selections. These insights help businesses plan and can lead to more informed decisions about your floor plan.

Create a Smart Building Ecosystem

IoT for Smart Buildings can include everything from lighting, HVAC, and energy management to security and fire safety, to digital signage, smart devices, employee wayfinding, and more. Through partnerships with companies that specialize in Smart Building technology, our map management software helps to deliver integrated services to improve employee safety and efficiency.

Day-to-Day Building Management

An integrated Building Management System can send alerts when heating, cooling, or lighting needs to be adjusted and allow facilities teams to easily make adjustments, even if they are not inside the physical space.

Improved Occupant & Tenant Experience

Tenant experience apps can help set building owners and operators apart. This software provides new conveniences to building occupants and can provide valuable help with emergency planning and routing.

Contact Monitoring & Building Re-opening

As companies and their employees return to an office space, there is a need for new technology that aids in the safety of all. Mappedin's open-sourced contact monitoring solution helps employers to monitor potential contact events between their staff.

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Office Floor Planning

Indoor mapping software makes it easy to test and review a new and alternative office floor plan before spending time and effort to reorganize the physical space. If you have new employees starting in the office, are shuffling departments around, or need to create a socially-distanced floor plan for your team, you can test different options that might work with the available space in your building.

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