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A Mappedin map of a mall with labelled locations and events

Map your venue in minutes.Empower users to find their way.

Maps unlock your indoor spaces.

An up-to-date digital map of your venue allows you to create better experiences for visitors, empower your business to make better decisions, and create safer and more secure spaces for all.

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One map. Multiple solutions.

In rapidly changing environments, our growing suite of solutions allows you to create up-to-date experiences for any space, any scenario, and anyone.

  • Provide a premium shopper experience

  • Assist travellers in navigating complex airports

  • Deliver fan experiences at stadiums

  • Improve the employee experience in your office

  • Power IoT across any venue

  • Streamline retail operations

  • Create safer and more secure spaces

Got a few minutes? Make a map.

Mappedin provides simple tools that enable you to create an interactive indoor map of your building in minutes. With our AI-powered mapping tools, you can start with an existing floor plan or quickly create a map from scratch. You don’t need to be a mapping expert. Use collaborative editing with your colleagues to keep up with any changes along the way.

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Step 1: Upload your floor plan or start from scratch and watch our tools create your digital map.


Step 2: View, edit and publish your map once it's ready.

A greyed out Mappedin Maker screenshot with another screenshot above selecting the Elevator option for a dropdown menu.

Step 3: Embed the interactive map on your website and share with your local fire department.

A greyed out Mappedin Maker screenshot with a second screenshot hovering above that highlights a map being published.

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Easy to use. Easy to work with.

Have your own technical team? Need our support? Want an off the shelf solution or one customized to your needs? Whatever the case, Mappedin can help you get the maps you need to reach your goals.

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Off the shelf apps

Our ready to install apps make it easy for you to get up and running.

A phone screenshot of Mappedin's turnkey applications
A phone screenshot of Mappedin's dev tools
A phone screenshot of Mappedin's bespoke solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Bring your custom indoor mapping project to life with the help of our experts.

Developer-Friendly Tools

Build any indoor mapping experience with our SDKs and exports.

Developer-Friendly Tools

A phone screenshot of Mappedin's dev tools

“The easy-to-use platform allows our team to make immediate updates to maps based on store changes, seasonal promotions, and special events. We're continually investing in technologies such as Mappedin to ensure our centres deliver a digitally driven shopping experience.”

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Patrick Flanagan

SVP, Digital Marketing & Strategy

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Make your building safer. Free of charge.

Working with emergency response departments has shown us that providing accurate maps to fire departments can contribute greatly to the safety of our communities and the preparedness of our first responders. For that reason, Mappedin is offering Mappedin Maker free of charge to help all building owners and managers keep their indoor maps up to date.

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Checkout the different use cases for indoor maps and the many industries they serve.

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Ready to make a map? You only need a few minutes to get started with Mappedin.