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Start indoor mapmaking for free.
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Free Maps


Effortless 3D indoor maps in minutes.


  • Single editor

  • Unlimited free maps

  • Basic AI mapmaking

  • Text labels

  • Safety annotations

  • Shareable 3D map

  • Export as PDF


Plus Maps

$25 / map / month

Richer maps made for collaboration.

Everything in Free, and:

  • Unlimited editors

  • Team workspaces

  • Multiple user roles

  • Detailed location cards

  • Custom location markers

  • Export as SVG, gITF

Coming soon

Pro Maps

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Integrated maps that help scale businesses.

Everything in Plus, and:

  • Advanced AI mapmaking

  • Managed access

  • Custom themes

  • Multiple layouts

  • Export to Shapefile

  • SDK, API, integrations

Enterprise Solutions

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Customized maps and solutions for enterprises across markets.

Mapping solutions built for you:

  • Custom map creation

  • Custom routing

  • Blue dot live location

  • Custom integrations

  • Stacked maps

  • SOC 2 (Type 2) compliance

  • Professional services

For Plus and Pro, pricing per map, billed monthly or annually. Discount applied with annual subscription.
All prices are in USD.

Map subscriptions that grow with you


Increase mapmaking capabilities based on your needs.

Flexible usage

Make your own maps or invite unlimited editors to collaborate.

Custom solutions

Build a complete indoor experience with our enterprise experts.

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Map editor

Mappedin CMS

Basic AI mapmaking

AI to help detect and draw walls, doors, and windows while digitizing floor plans.

Lat/Long positioning

Align floor plans to a real world map. It positions your map in the correct geographic location.





Location cards


Name, descriptions, links, images

Name, descriptions, links, images


Multiple floor levels

Safety annotations

Premium styling

Available preset styling including dark, light, and vibrant maps options.

Coming soon

Advanced AI mapping

AI to help detect and create room labels and custom objects.

Multipurpose map views

One map for multiple use cases. Rendering different data layers can provide wayfinding, safety, and operational views.

Multiple building layouts

Create multiple buildings on a map. Allows for navigation between buildings.

Stacked maps

Create a view of multiple floors with seamless navigation.

Wayfinding and Navigation


Basic routing

Accessible directions

Directions that will prioritize the use of elevators.

Custom routing

Routing based on visitor flow logic and complex pathing with traffic control rules.

Turn-by-turn walking directions

Blue dot live location

Enable blue dot using GPS or Apple Indoor Positioning technology.


3D interactive map

Shareable map link

Embed code snippet

Download QR code

Export as PDF

Export and share a safety PDF that displays safety annotations, door swings, primary entrance, connections, and a site plan.

Export to SVG, glTF

Export to MVF, Shapefile

Export as IMDF

Export your map as IMDF to provide an indoor positioning experience on Apple devices.

Mappedin iOS App

Download free on App Store

LiDAR room scanning

If you don’t have a floor plan, use the app to scan your space and export it to start mapping.

Upload to map editor


Capture Management

Mappedin Developer





Admin and Security

Role assignment

Assign user roles (admin, editor, or viewer)

Managed access

Share maps with a private link.

Single sign on (SSO)

SOC 2 (Type 2) compliance


Chat support

Coming soon

Coming soon

Email support

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Onboarding planning and support

Dedicated account manager

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know what plan is right for me?

    Discover the full range of features our platform offers by starting with our free plan. If you need additional assistance or have needs beyond these plans, contact to speak with us directly.

  • What is an editor?

    Anyone with a Mappedin account can edit a map.

  • What forms of payment does Mappedin accept?

    We currently accept major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

  • How long will it take me to get a map for my website?

    The timeframe for obtaining a map for your website may vary significantly, as it is influenced by the complexity and specific requirements of the map design. In our free tier, users can leverage AI tools to map their space within a matter of minutes. However, for more customized and intricate map designs, the process may take longer. We recommend reaching out to our support team or considering our paid tiers for more advanced mapping options and personalized assistance with your specific needs.

  • Does Mappedin offer indoor positioning within it’s plans?

    Yes, Mappedin does offer indoor positioning as part of our plans. Real-time positioning is available specifically within our enterprise plan. With this feature, you can provide your users with accurate and up-to-date positioning information, enhancing their navigation experience within indoor spaces. To learn more about our enterprise plan and the indoor positioning capabilities it offers, please reach out to our sales team for further details.

  • Can I try Mappedin for free and upgrade to a different plan?

    Absolutely! You can start exploring Mappedin's features and benefits by signing up for our free plan. This allows you to experience the platform firsthand and get a feel for its capabilities. If you decide that you need access to additional features or resources, you can easily upgrade to a different plan at any time.

  • What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

    If you wish to cancel your subscription, you have the freedom to do so at any time. When you initiate the cancellation process, your paid features and benefits will remain accessible to you until the end of your current billing cycle. After that, your account will be automatically downgraded to our free plan.

  • Does Mappedin charge people to view the map?

    Mappedin does not charge anyone to simply view the maps. We believe in providing free access to our maps and making them easily accessible for everyone. Whether you are a customer, visitor, or simply exploring our maps out of curiosity, you can enjoy the benefits of viewing our maps without any charges.

  • Are there any educational licenses?

    Yes, there are! We understand the importance of education and want to support students, educators, and educational institutions. To learn more about our educational discounts, please reach out to our sales team.