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Accurate indoor maps for emergency preparedness

Transform your venue with up-to-date indoor maps that prioritize safety and security. Visualize key areas such as entry points, exits, traffic flow, and critical locations like utility shut-offs, enhancing security and enabling rapid emergency response.


Emergency response and preparedness

Create safe and secure spaces for your community

Mappedin’s software allows buildings and emergency response departments to create accurate, digital indoor maps at scale. For first responders, this means having easy access to the most up-to-date floor plans annotated with critical information and elements.

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    Increased situational awareness

    To ensure public safety in emergency response scenarios, local first responders need building knowledge and current data. With access to accurate maps at any time, at scale, no time is wasted when it matters most. Because historically, emergency services have only had access to out-of-date paper-based maps.

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    Better visibility and greater accuracy

    Through the Mappedin platform, building managers can upload blueprints or raster floor plans and automatically digitize them. Along with your map, responders can pull up the editable building profile for detailed information on the building type, lot entrance, primary access, external FDCs, closest hydrant, lockbox number, and more.

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    Planning ahead for optimal outcomes

    Pre-planning with digital tools improves emergency management and operations while also increasing safety. Emergency managers and departments can use any device to quickly assess existing data sets, update pre-plans, and cross-reference crucial documents. Mappedin Maker empowers emergency response departments to share up-to-date digital maps with response teams.

Our partners

Mappedin works with a variety of technology partners to provide a seamless experience for indoor maps and navigation.

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We work within your workflows

Start making maps quickly with Mappedin and seamlessly integrate those maps into any existing or custom application using our APIs and Software Developer Kits (SDKs). Our solution also includes developer support from our team of experts.

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Map your space

Create a digital map of your building with easy-to-use tools.

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Create your map

Create your map

Upload your floor plan or start from scratch and watch our tools create your digital map.




Complete your digital map by adding critical elements such as fire exits, electrical panels, and utility shut-offs.


Export and share

Export and share

Download your maps in PDF format to have easy access and share with first responders so they can have easy access to them whenever it’s needed.

Start Mapping

Guidance and navigation for every industry

At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for over 1.5 billion square feet of indoor space worldwide. You’ll find us anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the industries we support with versatile, accurate digital indoor maps.


A solution to fit your budget

Mappedin is a one-stop solution for all your indoor mapping needs. Sign up for free and get hands-on experience today. Or rely on our professional expertise to show you everything Mappedin can do. Mappedin makes it easy to get started by setting up your venue. It’s the fastest—and best—way to gain access to a useful indoor map for driving results.

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