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Mappedin CMS

Mappedin CMS empowers you to edit your venue maps and maintain up-to-date location information in one place. Our tools enable property operators to power accurate mapping experiences across over 1.5+ billion sqft of premium venues worldwide.

Indoor mapping software for every venue

Mappedin’s CMS simplifies your workflow with one single interface for managing all your mapping content. Easily distribute the latest maps and property details across multiple consumer-facing platforms, including, web, mobile, and kiosk. If you have multiple buildings or locations, grant editing access to local managers and bring your map concept to life across multiple sites.

  • One Application

  • Real-Time Updates

  • Versatile Floor Plans

  • Dynamic Venue Tools

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Mappedin CMS

One place for all your maps

Mappedin’s CMS is an all-in-one tool for editing venue maps and maintaining the most up-to-date location information. Our tools enable property owners and operators to store and deliver accurate maps across billions of square feet worldwide. A single source of truth for your indoor maps, centralized mapping allows teams in your organization to collaborate in real time.

Multiple Venue Management in CMS

Multiple venue management

  • One place to manage all your maps: Keep maps up-to-date from a single source of truth and publish across multiple platforms.

  • Collaborative editing: Enable multiple editors through different permission sets to efficiently maintain your venue maps.

  • Real-time updates: Mapping updates that publish in real time so you can deliver the most accurate information to visitors.

CMS Draft and Live Mode

Accurate maps for multiple use cases

  • Georeferenced digital maps: Mappedin’s mapping tools ensure that every venue is properly georeferenced to real-world coordinates, ensuring you can use it for any platform.

  • Clean data: Mappedin ensures your data is maintained at the highest level, enabling flexibility in how you use your maps.

  • Draft and publish: Design and preview venue changes before they go live to ensure changes have been reflected appropriately.

Location data for any venue

  • Multiple field types: Location names, logos, descriptions, hours, social links and more allow you to bring your map to life.

  • Sync with existing systems: If your location data is managed elsewhere, Mappedin can sync with your chosen content management system.

  • Flexible IDs: Location data can also be connected to the map on the front end by using Mappedin’s external IDs.

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At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for billions of square feet of indoor space and offer many mapping products to suit your venue's needs. You’ll find our products anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the other products we offer.

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