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Product 101: Map Editor

May 25, 2021

4 min read

By: Sofia Spagnuolo

Curious about how indoor mapping works? Let's start with our Map Editor, the backbone to indoor navigation.

Indoor mapping is a simple concept that requires a complicated execution. That’s why the bright minds of Mappedin have created a system that simplifies our clients' lives. Implementing digital indoor maps is quick and easy with our Map Editor platform. 

What is a Map Editor?

Let’s say your mall goes through a renovation. You need to swiftly update your indoor map so shoppers don’t get confused. A Map Editor is the answer. Or your stadium has an upcoming event that you want to showcase. A Map Editor is the answer. Or the coffee machine is broken in your office and you want to inform your employees. A Map Editor is the answer. 

Resize, reshape, add, delete, and change to your liking and in real-time. The possibilities feel endless and it’s all at your fingertips. Mappedin enables clients to edit their venue as it evolves using real-world measurements for square footage, wall sizes, and path distance. Keeping your venue accurately updated is essential and with a Map Editor, this becomes a fast and painless process.

Okay… but how?

The world is changing every second, and a Map Editor allows you to keep up. Mappedin’s Editor allows you to efficiently manage your indoor maps and associated location data. The back-end platform syncs to the digital, live venue maps that are available to visitors. This is how we enable our clients to showcase accurate venue data. The Map Editor gives you the ability to edit location information such as names, logos, and descriptions in real-time. For example, say you need to add a new store to your mall, the editor gives you the ability to input the location of the store, its hours of operation, a reachable phone number, links to social media sites for more information, and its logo for a visual representation. Customize your page and add relevant information to make points of interest around your venue accessible. Have an upcoming event? Showcase it by adding short-term locations with our draw tools. You can easily delete the event once it is over, clearing up space for more to come. A Map Editor gives you the ability to leave your visitors feeling informed and satisfied.

What are the benefits of a Map Editor?

Beyond our Map Editor platform being a quick and efficient tool, you can also gain insight into your visitors’ intent within your building, allowing your company to expand accordingly. Drive people to your business by monitoring what visitors search for the most and appeal to their desires. The analytics dashboard shows detailed data of visitor intent allowing our clients to see missed searches for a location that isn’t currently available. Review detailed reports of categories and language selections while learning which places are driving the most foot traffic. These trends can be essential to understand how to increase revenue and visual reports can be easily exported and pulled into any software platform for your convenience.

Mistakes happen, and that's why we enable our clients to work in a draft mode to explore the different layouts and event placement possibilities. Preplan changes without compromising the live aesthetic of your map and avoid confusing guests. Visualize changes as they occur with our 3D mapping layout. Team efforts are encouraged here at Mappedin so your team can utilize various permission levels to collaborate with other employees.

We want you to feel comfortable when using Mappedin’s Editor, which is why we offer training for this tool, ensuring complete success with our product. Keeping you at ease is our main priority, so our customer success team is here to help. We offer ongoing support for our clients so that you can and your guests can rely on an accurate indoor map. 

At Mappedin we’ve raised the bar with our Map Editor, saving you time while simultaneously allowing you to take your building to the next level. Join us and book a demo today.