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Product 101: Draft & Publish Mode

Feb 7, 2020

2 min read

By: Shanae Vander Togt

A feature of the CMS, Draft & Publish mode allows for creating features and adding data in advance without compromising current or live maps. 

Powering all mapping experiences across each of our products, the Mappedin CMS has become a one-stop shop for the creation and maintenance of digital maps. It is the foundation for each of our products and makes it easy to control venue data and access it organization-wide.

Now imagine that your venue has a major renovation coming up, and you want to begin planning logistics and re-routing. Being able to start this work in advance without affecting your live map is critical. 

As we continued to develop the workflow through the CMS and create new features, we had many requests from customers to create a ‘Draft’ mode that would enable them to pre-plan major building changes and updates. The Draft & Publish feature was created to enable more collaboration and efficiency within the CMS. 

How does this feature work? 

This mode allows CMS users to draft their work ahead of time at an individual property level and across an organization. Changes can be made at any time prior to the publish date, and include creating a location, node, or polygon. Draft Mode operates exactly as Live Mode would, without compromising any current or live information. 

Any changes to the live map made prior to the draft being published will propagate back to the draft in order to keep it up-to-date at all times. Once publishing, users render the map and go live. 

Permission levels 

As part of this new mode, there are also new permission levels to split publish rights and enable larger teams to work on the same portfolio or venue. There is one consistent draft at any given time, so permission levels help manage these changes.

These permissions can also be granted temporarily or for a specified amount of time, allowing for flexibility within organizations for contracts or vacation times to be covered without the workflow being interrupted.

We will continue to create features based on customer feedback, and build our products with ease-of-use in mind. If you are interested in learning more about Mappedin’s products, visit our site or book a demo with us today.