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Mappedin SDKs

Mappedin’s Mobile and Web SDKs let you build the indoor mapping experiences your business needs, regardless of industry or use case. Our SDKs allow you to easily integrate mapping into your website, mobile application, or custom directory solution.

Build your own mapping experience

Mappedin’s SDKs are the foundation of every indoor mapping application we’ve built to date. Regardless of your industry, they can help you deliver the indoor mapping experiences your business needs. Our SDKs are designed to help you integrate mapping into your website, mobile application, or custom directory. With added support from our professional development team, you can design and build a unique experience that fits seamlessly into any platform.

  • Sample Applications and Guides

  • Robust Documentation

  • Developer Support

  • Web, iOS, Android and React Native

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Mappedin SDKs

Maps for any space and any scenario

Mappedin’s Web SDK has been leveraged to build experiences across all devices and platforms. This is what Mappedin’s off-the-shelf applications are built on, meaning its capabilities are constantly expanding While Mappedin’s Mobile SDKs are highly performant, work offline, and include key navigational features. With the ability to integrate indoor positioning technology, building your real-time mapping experience has never been simpler.

Robust feature set

  • Navigation: With features such as A-B navigation, multi-floor routing, real-time positioning, and follow mode, it’s easy to build a comprehensive wayfinding experience.

  • Styling: With flat, floating, or customized labels, markers, and full control over colors, you can make a map that is completely custom to your venue.

  • Integration: Apply location data stored in Mappedin’s CMS or your own location data directly to the map through our SDKs.

Sample applications and guides

  • API documentation: Explore our thorough SDK documentation or sample applications to get started building your experience quickly.

  • Release roadmap: Never miss a major version change or release by following Mappedin’s Release Roadmap and continuous release notes.

  • Developer guides: Use our developer guides to get inspired and start building the blocks for your custom indoor mapping application.

Developer support

  • Developer blog: Follow along with Mappedin’s developer blog to learn from others, including Mappedin’s own team members and their experiences using the SDKs.

  • Project gallery: Get inspiration and guidance by checking out the growing project gallery where you can see what others have built with our SDKs.

  • Access to experts: Mappedin's Integrations team is dedicated to the evolution of our SDKs and helping you succeed in using them to accomplish your goals.

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At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for billions of square feet of indoor space and offer many mapping products to suit your venue's needs. You’ll find our products anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the other products we offer.

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