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Making Airport Travel a Seamless Passenger Journey: YYC Calgary International Airport

Jun 19, 2024

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By: Mappedin

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Please fasten your seatbelts as we elevate our collaboration with YYC Calgary International Airport, operated by The Calgary Airport Authority, to redefine the airport experience—taking passengers from point A to point B and beyond to make travel smoother and more enjoyable than ever before.

Through state-of-the-art mapping technology, a streamlined interface, and many user-friendly features, Mappedin seamlessly guides passengers from the parking lots through the airport, while simultaneously boosting non-aeronautical revenue and optimizing operational efficiency. 

The Customer

Welcoming more than 18 million travellers annually (2023), YYC Calgary International Airport serves as a gateway to the stunning landscapes and vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta, and beyond. Committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, YYC stands at the forefront of aviation excellence, continually striving to redefine the journey for passengers worldwide.

The Problem

Challenged by the limitations of static maps, The Calgary Airport Authority aimed to transform them into digital, interactive counterparts that would significantly enrich the travel experience and enable service and operational improvements. The primary goal was to put passengers at the center of their journey, addressing common concerns such as reducing anxiety, providing real-time flight information, and offering detailed guidance on essential airport services.

The Authority also sought to boost non-aeronautical revenue by showcasing parking services, directions and walking times to points of interest, and location-based search with retail brand and concession details encouraging passengers to explore and engage with airport amenities. This commitment to passenger service included bilingual features, ensuring that the mapping experience seamlessly catered to English and Canadian French-speaking passengers, including travelers from around the globe.

The Solution

We transformed YYC’s static map into a powerful indoor mapping resource for interactive, 3D wayfinding, packed with precise walking times, real-time flight updates, security wait times, multi-language support, and other features to improve the passenger experience. The user-friendly map can be accessed through the YYC Calgary International Airport website on any device, including mobile and desktop.

Simplifying the Passenger Experience 

The digital map acts as a trusted guide, streamlining airport navigation and addressing common concerns faced by passengers. Whether it’s locating the closest parking lot, looking up a gate with flight time, and status, finding the nearest restroom, or searching for a travel pillow to purchase before boarding, the map keeps passengers informed and guides them to the right destination.

Passengers can easily locate baggage claim areas, discover nearby amenities, and access essential transportation services—all at their fingertips. By providing real-time flight information including gate changes and boarding details, and closest concessions to their gates, the map alleviates passenger anxiety and ensures a smooth journey through the airport.

Boosting Non-Aeronautical Revenue

By highlighting its airport parking services with parking lots and space locations and reminders for where travelers parked their cars, YYC gives passengers a great first and last impression of their services. Passengers, armed with precise walking times, can now plan their time effectively, ensuring they have enough for a coffee break, a duty-free spree, or to explore other offerings. The map encourages passengers to explore the airport, discover services, and engage with amenities.  For instance, searching by category allows passengers to find food services easily and by including mobile ordering links, they can save time. In addition, by displaying how much time it takes to navigate within the airport from destination to destination, indoor maps empower passengers to confidently leave their gates, increasing opportunities for retail and dining experiences.

Empowering Staff and Volunteers

The map serves as a transformative tool for volunteers and staff, enabling them to guide passengers efficiently. The incorporation of QR codes adds a dynamic element, allowing volunteers to share directions with passengers in seconds. For airport staff, the solution becomes an invaluable asset in identifying and addressing issues within the terminal promptly, ensuring a smooth operational flow.

Offering Bilingual Features and Accessible Navigation

The mapping solution aligns with The Calgary Airport Authority’s commitment to bilingual requirements and routing accessibility. With a current focus on English and Canadian French languages, the map ensures that passengers from both linguistic backgrounds can seamlessly navigate and access essential information, adhering to Canada's bilingual standards. In addition, map navigation can prioritize accessible routes for passengers who require elevators.

The Result

“Our guests say the new maps are user-friendly and accessible. The in-terminal White Hat Volunteers love how they can assist travelers by generating complicated routes through YYC and sharing it in seconds using a simple QR code. This innovation allows guests of all technical abilities to navigate our airport seamlessly.”

-- Bart Smith, General Manager, The Calgary Airport Authority

The Calgary Airport Authority is currently rolling out the Mappedin for Airports solution and is looking at further enhancements as they collect usage data and feedback. Our collaborative roadmap ensures continuous evolution alongside passenger needs and technological advancements. For example, in the future, by offering up to 40 local language options, YYC is planning on serving travelers from around the globe in their preferred languages. This truly emphasizes the ability of technology to make travel more comfortable and informative. We can’t wait to share more.

Stay tuned for exciting updates on how we’re shaping the future of airport experiences. Learn more about Mappedin for Airports on our website.