Example of a Mappedin Airport map
Example of a Mappedin Airport map

Mappedin for airports

Guide your passengers,
drive your business

Provide world-class airport experiences, increase operational efficiencies, and enhance revenue opportunities with one powerful indoor mapping platform.

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Trusted by the world’s most traveled airports

Taking airports from point A to point B and beyond

Mappedin offers more than just navigation. Our advanced mapping solution helps you drive traffic to your most profitable areas and provides full operational visibility for your teams - driving additional revenue while saving you time.

Delight your passengers

Ensure your passengers get to their destination on time with real-time flight information and the most sophisticated navigation system in the industry.

Maximize your revenue

Promote highly profitable areas like parking and gate services to drive traffic and boost revenue for your airport.

Optimize your operations

Give your teams a more comprehensive view of your operations to help make more informed decisions and increase safety for everyone. 

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“Our guests say the new maps are user-friendly and accessible. The in-terminal White Hat Volunteers love how they can assist travelers by generating complicated routes through YYC and sharing it in seconds using a simple QR code. This innovation allows guests of all technical abilities to navigate our airport seamlessly.”

LAX terminal interior photo

Bart Smith

General Manager, The Calgary Airport Authority

Deliver a first-class experience

Airports are complex - navigating through them shouldn’t be. With Mappedin, you can easily guide passengers with real-time information and intuitive step-by-step navigation.

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Drive traffic to boost revenue

Get the most out of every square inch by maximizing high-profit areas.

Emphasize premium parking spots and areas

Make it easy for any passenger to park with reservable spots and location reminders.

Make concessions more discoverable near gates

Provide travelers peace of mind with details and easy directions for closest concessions to departure gates.

Create a pre-order experience in one-click

Make it easy for anyone to discover any tenant with one-click searches and help drive sales with integrated pre-orders.

Get a full view of your operations

Make more informed decisions and keep your teams updated with real-time insights.

Built for airports

Our all-in-one mapping solution provides comprehensive, intuitive tools that were made specifically for airports.

World-class mapping

Access the most powerful and advanced mapping CMS to build airport maps of any complexity.

Robust mobile app

Let employees update maps on the go with our Airport Manager app - ensuring staff members have the latest information.

Scalable SDK integrations

Supercharge your maps and integrate with any third party software to meet any need.

Interactive directories

Transform any airport visit into an unforgettable experience with our customizable directories.

Integrated chatbot

Passengers can easily find whatever they need in any language with our integrated AI Navigator chatbot.

Single source of truth

Easily maintain your map, make updates to paths and locations, and publish the updates in real-time.

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Example of a Mappedin Airport map

Airports in action

According to ACI, global passenger traffic will reach 9.7 billion this year.

Learn how to deliver a smooth travel experience with indoor maps in our helpful airport guide.

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Yuval Kossovsky brings three decades of expertise in program and product management. He spent the last decade in the nascent indoor mapping space, developing the enterprise indoor mapping program for Apple and driving the global adoption of IMDF as an exchange standard for venue maps.

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Yuval Kossovsky

Managing Director, Transportation


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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need an airport map?

    Mappedin's airport mapping software improves the overall traveller experience. Travellers and passengers can access an interactive map of your airport and up-to-date directions to navigate from point A to B. This ensures that they don't miss their flight and can make the most of their time at your venue.

  • How do you make an airport navigation map?

    When creating a digital map for your airport, it’s important to find a reliable indoor mapping software provider that has experience with mapping spaces of different sizes. While some people may choose to build their own map, the complexity of creating an indoor map and incorporating various other technologies to build an integrated experience can be daunting. Once you’ve decided on a provider, you will need to prepare the details to share with your vendor. For an airport, you will need to find the floor plans so that the provider can convert them into an interactive map. You will also need to gather or integrate location data such as gates, floor-level information, shops, eateries, and more. Once your indoor map is rendered, you can also customize the design and features. Determine the navigation technology that is right for your airport, whether a mobile navigation app, a web map, or digital signage. Add your branding colours to the map for a consistent feel across platforms. Mappedin can help make the entire process fast and simple.

  • Why is indoor mapping important for airports?

    Indoor mapping solutions help guide passengers, reduce confusion and congestion within your airport, improve customer engagement, and yield valuable insights about how travellers interact with your airport which can lead to more informed business decisions.

  • How does 3D mapping work for airports?

    Interactive 3D maps provide helpful directions and additional context to travellers. With 3D visualization that is optimized for mobile and web viewing visitors can see the fastest route to their destination as well as browse for gates, amenities, and retail promotions. Airports equipped with indoor positioning technology can help travellers navigate easier using up-to-date location data.

  • What other technologies can be integrated with indoor navigation systems?

    There are several integrations that can be layered onto an indoor map. Indoor positioning technology can be used to pinpoint a user's precise location and enable other experiences such as location sharing and proximity marketing. When integrated with other technology, airports can also display up-to-date and personalized information. This might include a passenger's boarding gate in an airport or an auto-populated path to commuter routes for a passenger that takes the same train every morning.