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Indoor mapping, navigation, and positioning software for airports

Our maps help travelers find gates, access real-time flight details, and discover amenities and services for a stress-free journey.


Mappedin Airports

Mappedin Airports empower airport management to effortlessly create and maintain indoor maps for traveler wayfinding and navigation. This versatile, web-based, cross-platform solution prioritizes location services and wayfinding while ensuring compliance with accessibility standards. 

Integrate real-time flight information, security wait times, and parking availability into a single, user-friendly interface. Travelers can now plan their journeys with ease, ensuring a stress-free airport experience.

  1. Guide passengers and staff

  2. Deliver real-time flight updates

  3. Maximize revenue opportunities

  4. Streamline operational efficiency 

  5. Enhance safety and security

Read the Docs

Read the Docs

Indoor Mapping for Airports

Guide your passengers, drive your business

Mappedin makes navigation easy for the thousands of travelers who pass through your airport each day. Our platform provides intuitive directions on any device, alleviating stress and enriching the overall travel experience. Travelers can search for flight information, receive updates on their trip, and ensure a seamless connection along the way. Behind the scenes, airport management can customize and update maps effortlessly, strategically promote key areas, and gain valuable insights into passenger behavior. This allows for streamlined resource allocation and heightened staff productivity, contributing to an airport environment that prioritizes both traveler satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Round Trip Wayfinding

Enable intuitive, step-by-step, landmark-based navigation from parking lots to departure gates, including the ability to search by flight number. Customize routes by highlighting key stops, enhancing the discoverability of airport services and amenities.

Flight Information

Edit and deploy updates swiftly from a single web-based application. Make changes to Points of Interest (POI) information, elevator & escalator availability,and swing gate positions, ensuring travelers have access to the latest, most accurate information.

Know what you are missing

Stay ahead with metrics on passenger behavior, popular queries, missed queries, and locations when searching. Export data to leverage metrics to gain insights. Use our PowerBI plugin to visualize data over maps, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Mappedin for Airports

A powerful product to enhance the traveller experience

Mappedin Airports is tailored to offer travelers a seamless navigation experience, ensuring a smooth and successful journey through your airport. The web-based application provides relevant information to travelers and simplifies your control over changing elements.


Modern UX






Data Management



Delightful experience

Our airport maps prioritize a modern UX, ensuring that styling, use of icons, labels, responsive design, and other critical elements create a delightful and intuitive experience for users. This, along with our Outdoor View and WCAG AA accessibility standards, guarantees that you're delivering the best experience to your travelers.

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A complete solution for your airport

Mappedin is a one-stop solution for all your indoor mapping needs. Our transparent pricing is free of hidden costs. Opt for Mappedin Airports, and benefit from a 3-year contract with no extra charges, along with flexible licensing options for third-party integration. Inclusions for 3 years: Mappedin Airports Web App Digital Directories Content Management System (CMS) iOS and Android Software Development Kits (SDKs) Powerful features include: Integrated flight board, gate and baggage directions, security wait times, parking availability API details Generate QR code for any route Analytics API and Microsoft Power BI plugin Resurvey for Apple IPS Send map data to Apple and Google Language selector to switch UX display language Record the lat/long of parking for 30 days Outdoor View map for context Routing between garage pedestrian access and terminals

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Mappedin Airports

One Map Everywhere

Mappedin has a built-in package designed to elevate your airport travel experience and provide full control over your airport maps. Our airport solution enhances both onsite and online experience for travelers, enabling airports to efficiently manage maps across multiple locations.

Mappedin Web Application

  • Landmark-based navigation: Seamlessly guide passengers from parking lots to departure gates with our intuitive, step-by-step, landmark-based navigation system.

  • Intuitive search: An interactive indoor map enables passengers to search, discover, and navigate airports even before they arrive, eliminating travel-related stress.

  • Real-time data integrations: Search by flight number and security wait-times lead to an exceptionally smooth and hassle-free experience.

Digital Directory

  • 3D Interactive Maps: Empower passengers with Mappedin’s Digital Directory, effortlessly guiding them while showcasing relevant content and ads.

  • Advertising & Promotions: With millions of global searches and directions, our Digital Directory provides a powerful platform to seamlessly integrate advertisements and promotions, maximizing your airport’s exposure and revenue opportunities.

  • QR Codes: As travelers explore the airport, they can take directions on-the-go by simply scanning QR codes with their mobile devices.

Mappedin SDK

  • Sample Applications: Our SDKs are designed to integrate mapping experiences into your website, mobile application, or custom directory. View our sample applications to get more details.

  • Robust Documentation: Mappedin's Integrations team is dedicated to the evolution of our SDKs and ensuring your success in using them to accomplish your goals.

  • Developer Support: Mappedin’s SDKs are the foundation of every indoor mapping application we’ve built to date. We provide complete support to developers in terms of Getting Started Guides and technical support as needed.

Industry Guide

Mappedin Airports in Action

Designed to guide passengers and drive business, our solution redefines the airport experience for both travelers and managers. Offering a streamlined overview of the airport layout, these maps simplify navigation, enhance safety, and maximize revenue opportunities. From real-time flight updates to seamless passenger journeys, Mappedin Airports is your key to unlocking greater operational efficiency and elevating the overall airport experience.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need an airport map?

    Mappedin's airport mapping software improves the overall traveller experience. Travellers and passengers can access an interactive map of your airport and up-to-date directions to navigate from point A to B. This ensures that they don't miss their flight and can make the most of their time at your venue.

  • How do you make an airport navigation map?

    When creating a digital map for your airport, it’s important to find a reliable indoor mapping software provider that has experience with mapping spaces of different sizes. While some people may choose to build their own map, the complexity of creating an indoor map and incorporating various other technologies to build an integrated experience can be daunting. Once you’ve decided on a provider, you will need to prepare the details to share with your vendor. For an airport, you will need to find the floor plans so that the provider can convert them into an interactive map. You will also need to gather or integrate location data such as gates, floor-level information, shops, eateries, and more. Once your indoor map is rendered, you can also customize the design and features. Determine the navigation technology that is right for your airport, whether a mobile navigation app, a web map, or digital signage. Add your branding colours to the map for a consistent feel across platforms. Mappedin can help make the entire process fast and simple.

  • Why is indoor mapping important for airports?

    Indoor mapping solutions help guide passengers, reduce confusion and congestion within your airport, improve customer engagement, and yield valuable insights about how travellers interact with your airport which can lead to more informed business decisions.

  • How does 3D mapping work for airports?

    Interactive 3D maps provide helpful directions and additional context to travellers. With 3D visualization that is optimized for mobile and web viewing visitors can see the fastest route to their destination as well as browse for gates, amenities, and retail promotions. Airports equipped with indoor positioning technology can help travellers navigate easier using up-to-date location data.

  • What other technologies can be integrated with indoor navigation systems?

    There are several integrations that can be layered onto an indoor map. Indoor positioning technology can be used to pinpoint a user's precise location and enable other experiences such as location sharing and proximity marketing. When integrated with other technology, airports can also display up-to-date and personalized information. This might include a passenger's boarding gate in an airport or an auto-populated path to commuter routes for a passenger that takes the same train every morning.

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By now you understand the value of airport maps, both as a way to enhance the traveller experience and maintain important mapping data. Let us show you how we can provide the technology and support to make the power of indoor and outdoor mapping work for you.

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