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Product 101: Mappedin Maker

Sep 28, 2023

4 min read

By: Mandy Tang

Create, maintain, and publish maps in minutes. Mappedin Maker’s automated tools and user-friendly interface encourage quick updates while minimizing editing errors. Today you will learn about how this product works, its features, and its many benefits. 

What is Mappedin Maker? 

Mappedin Maker is an indoor mapping application that allows anyone to create an accurate digital map in a matter of minutes, with no training required. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create, edit and publish your indoor map with AI-powered tools that will save you time and effort.

Product Features

Upload Floor Plans Seamlessly 

Upload one or many floor plans to get started. Maker can read your file names to determine the elevation of the floor plan and order them automatically or you can simply drag the floor plans to reorder them.

Create Maps in Minutes with AI 

AutoMap is Maker’s AI-powered mapping feature that can capture walls, doors, and windows from your uploaded floor plans. Using the information it captures, it can also detect rooms and door directionality. You can decide the amount of work automated by either choosing AutoMap for the entire floor plan or automatically detecting specific elements as you draw.

Additionally, Maker’s behind-the-scenes AutoPath feature automatically generates your path network, ensuring you never have to make updates to it. The path network is what makes indoor navigation possible.  

In minutes, you can go from a static floor plan to a fully interactive 3D map with navigation that can be embedded into your website or be shared as a viewable link. 

Edit Maps with Intuitive Tools   

Draw walls and place doors, windows, and connections (stairs or elevators) with intuitive tools that provide additional options in a convenient context panel. To help build more detail into your maps, add fixtures such as desks (round, rectangle, and custom angled) and shelves. With Maker, it’s easy for users to map multi-floor buildings with the ability to copy geometry and create connections to other floors, this is useful for buildings that often have the same layout throughout each floor, such as offices or schools. More fixtures will be added over the coming months. Let our team know what objects you would like to see next.

Export PDF Maps 

Maker’s PDF export allows you to add safety annotations and door directionality resulting in easy-to-reference maps that can be shared with local fire departments. Annotate maps with an extensive list of safety symbols such as utility shutoffs, access features, and fire safety. You can also give an accurate depiction of the building with door directionality to allow first responders to respond effectively. The PDF export includes these safety annotations, a site plan with outdoor context, and distinctly coloured hallways, voids, and entrances.

Share Maps with the 3D Viewer

Maker allows you to preview and publish an interactive wayfinding version of your map all from the same application. This interactive map includes wayfinding from the nearest entrance, a chosen location, or a selected starting point. The map is styled with floating label icons and a color palette to focus on the built elements. Embed your map into your website with a simple code snippet and allow visitors to use it for navigation.

No Floor Plan? No Problem, Map from Scratch 

With the Mappedin Maker App for iOS, you have the ability to create an indoor map from scratch. Utilizing Apple’s LiDAR technology, the Maker app allows you to scan your physical space using an iPhone 12 or later or iPad Pro. Once scanned, the data captured is used to create a map and then imported into Mappedin Maker for further editing on a desktop computer. Alternatively, users can export their map directly from the app to SVG, PNG, USDZ, or GeoJSON formats.

No Training Required 

Mappedin Maker was designed to be easy to use and requires no previous training in digital mapping. When first using Maker, useful tooltips guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a CAD expert or this is your first time creating an indoor map, Maker’s AI-powered tools let anyone create a digital copy of their building. Maker is a purely web-based application and only takes a few simple steps to get up and running.

Get Started Today 

Sign up today and start mapping with Maker for free. Curious to know more? Reach out to our team and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.