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Mappedin & Satisfi Labs: Making Spaces Discoverable

Mar 24, 2021
3 min read
By: Cara Hueston

Mappedin and Satisfi Labs are maximizing discoverability across indoor spaces. Here’s how we’re doing it. 

Who is Satisfi Labs?

Satisfi Labs is a conversational AI platform, creating conversational answer engines for both destinations and experiences. Their interactive search capabilities are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and enable customers to access information, discover venues, and make purchases directly through chat or voice assistant. Satisfi Labs serves their mission to make knowledge on-demand for popular destinations and experiences in sporting, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, and retail spaces.

Making indoor spaces discoverable 

Both Mappedin and Satisfi Labs serve to answer the same question: how can we make indoor spaces more discoverable?

Using their conversational AI platform, Satisfi Labs works with entertainment venues to provide customers with answers to their questions. For example, guest questions at a stadium range from “where can I buy tickets?” or “when does the concert end?” to “can I bring a stroller?” or “where is the accessible gate located?” With access to these tools 24/7, visitors and employees alike can rely on straightforward discoverability. 

Similarly, indoor mapping exists at its core to provide visitors, employees, and guests with up-to-date location information. Digital indoor mapping solutions make it easy for users to search for a specific location or browse the map to learn more about the venue and the locations within it. Platforms such as Mappedin’s also provide venue owners and operators with the tools to edit their venue maps in real-time and increase revenue with deals and promotions. 

Satisfi Labs x Mappedin  

With the same goal in mind, Mappedin and Satisfi Labs work together to provide maximum discoverability across all venue types. Finding your seat at a stadium or your favourite store at a shopping mall has never been easier. Our platforms allow venue owners and operators to maintain maps and data as indoor spaces are constantly changing. From marketing changes such as a pop-up location or one-day promotion to health and safety measures such as additional hand sanitizer stations or temporary closures for deep cleaning, the combination of conversational AI and indoor mapping tools ensure that guests always have access to up-to-date information. 

Mappedin and Satisfi Labs currently provide this integrated experience for Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. “Jules” is the AI-powered virtual assistant with a distinct personality that exists to answer all guest questions, enable new transactions, and drive increased revenue and engagement for the venue. Simply by asking Jules, shoppers can navigate to their favourite store, restaurant, or theatre. In a matter of seconds, users are provided with a link to the digital map with their destination already selected. From there, they can populate directions, view location details, and access quick links to make reservations, buy tickets, view menus, and more. 

To learn more about our offering at Miracle Mile Shops, read the case study

Shopping malls, stadiums, and entertainment venues alike can use Mappedin and Satisfi Labs to offer unparalleled experiences to their visitors. To learn more about this integration, contact us today or explore our solutions for stadiums and shopping malls.