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Feature 101: Mobile Pass

Jun 20, 2022
2 min read
By: Lucy Bragg

Mappedin’s Mobile Pass provides users with a seamless handoff between the Digital Directory and their mobile device. Using Mappedin’s Responsive Web App, the digital map populates directly in the web browser, providing a contactless way for visitors to locate their destination.

How it Works

For users that want to take directions on-the-go as they navigate, Mappedin’s Mobile Pass enables this handoff through QR code. Users are not required to download additional applications onto their phones, but simply scan a QR code on the Digital Directory to enable the interactive map experience. Directions are pre-populated to the selected location, but users are able to edit the “To” and “From” fields as they navigate.

Feature Benefits

Touchless Navigation

Venues can provide users with a completely touchless experience by showcasing the QR code on the Digital Directory home screen. When users approach the directory, they can simply scan and go.

Consistent Experience 

Mappedin’s Responsive Web App is built for mobile and provides the same 3D map and search functionality as the directory, ensuring a consistent experience for users. 

Easy Integration 

With only a few simple steps, Mobile Pass is an easy feature to enable for visitors. Venues have the flexibility to set up Mobile Pass through a QR code generated by Mappedin.

Browser Based

Mobile Pass utilizes the Responsive Web App, a browser-based experience, eliminating the need for users to download an application while navigating on-site. 

Use Cases

With this innovative feature, you can provide a convenient and contactless way for visitors to use the digital map of your venue. Office employees can take directions on-the-go as they navigate to meeting rooms, passengers can quickly locate their bus terminal from their mobile device, and shoppers can search for stores as they walk around the mall. Regardless of the venue type, you can provide an enhanced wayfinding experience with Mobile Pass.

Get Started Today

Provide a complete digital mapping and wayfinding solution by combining Digital Directories with the Mobile Pass feature. Visitors can easily search and discover what’s available at your property, and take directions on-the-go through Mobile Pass, creating an end-to-end user journey. 

Contact us today to learn more about Mappedin’s Digital Directories and how to leverage Mobile Pass to benefit your venue.