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Mappedin vs Mapwize - Which is the Best Indoor Mapping Platform?

Aug 24, 2022
6 min read
By: Mappedin

An indoor mapping platform can create stunning, easy-to-use, interactive maps for your indoor space. This blog will cover the unique considerations when deciding between two innovative indoor mapping software platforms: Mappedin and Mapwize.

Mappedin Alternative: Mappedin vs Mapwize

Mappedin and Mapwize are two experienced mapping providers who each take a unique approach to indoor mapping. Let’s discuss how they differ, the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, and how to choose the right solution for your use case.

Mapwize solution (left) and Mappedin solution (right).  

Why Choose Mappedin?

Mappedin has over a decade of experience providing indoor mapping solutions to customers all around the world. More than 1,100 venues use the Mappedin platform in more than 40 countries and it manages over 755 million square feet of digitized indoor space. Along with vast experience, Mappedin offers intuitive, digital wayfinding software and a powerful back-end Map Editor that simplifies map management for property owners.

Powerful Map Editor

Mappedin’s indoor mapping platform provides user-friendly, enterprise-grade tools for maintaining indoor maps and powering rich digital wayfinding experiences. The Mappedin Editor is self-serve, easy to use, and allows property owners and managers to edit their indoor venue maps in real-time, ensuring accurate mapping experiences for their guests.

Robust Product Offering

Mappedin offers incredible pre-built solutions that have customer maps up-and-running quickly, as well as SDKs and developer tools for customers that want to create custom maps or integrate additional location-based experiences. Compatible with any device, customers can display maps on their website, mobile application, or digital directories.

Credibility and Experience

Mappedin works with a wide variety of companies including Simon Property Group, Cadillac Fairview, The Australian Grand Prix, Mitsui Fudosan, Vicinity Centres, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macerich, Hudson Yards, The Dubai Mall, and many others. They have mapped more indoor square feet than Mapwize and many other competitors.

Why Choose Mapwize?

Mapwize is an indoor mapping platform that has been acquired by ServiceNow. Built into ServiceNow’s platform and Workplace Service Delivery suite, Mapwize provides indoor mapping capabilities for workplace teams to manage and update their office maps. Employees can navigate, reserve workspaces, and access workplace services from a mobile or desktop device. Interestingly, Mappedin’s integration with ServiceNow is still available as an alternative to Mapwize.

Top Features of MappedIn

The Mappedin indoor mapping platform includes 3D and 2D map views, interactive maps, powerful search driven by machine learning, real-time edits and syncs, analytics, blue dot wayfinding, multi-language support, automated and optimized pathing, draft and publish mode, is Apple IMDF approved, and includes additional features such as directory ads to drive foot traffic at your venue.

Top Features of Mapwize

Through ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery suite, Mapwize provides workplaces with 2D map visualizations, wayfinding capabilities, and editing tools that cater to the employee experience. The product offering includes draft and publish mode, data syncs, manually defined pathing networks, and multi-language support.

MappedIn Advantages and Disadvantages

As an experienced provider in the indoor mapping industry, Mappedin has taken the time to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each use case and offers pre-built applications for ease of deployment and mapping SDKs for maximum flexibility. Customers wanting to use SDKs also have easy access to developer documentation and an interactive playground to explore SDK capabilities in real-time. For example, custom solutions for workplaces, commercial venues, or venues requiring multi-building navigation, can be built using the powerful SDK.

While Mappedin has partnered with multiple indoor positioning providers, the company does not sell indoor positioning solutions as part of their mapping offering. This can be a disadvantage if you prefer to work with only one provider to create your location-based experience. However, Mappedin can provide guidance on how to achieve an indoor positioning solution with several partnered providers.

Mapwize Advantages and Disadvantages

Through the ServiceNow acquisition, Mapwize provides indoor mapping capabilities for employees and workplace teams to navigate and build an efficient workspace. While offices and workplace environments can greatly benefit from this solution, other industries cannot. As part of ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery solution, Mapwize exclusively provides mapping services to workplace environments. Retail environments will have to look at alternative solutions.

Customers must purchase Mapwize services through the ServiceNow product suite which can be a disadvantage. Moreover, while users can zoom in and out of the maps, Mapwize solutions are not 3D or fully interactive experiences.

Mappedin vs Mapwize

While both providers have similar indoor mapping objectives, their product and industry expertise differ in many ways. Let’s delve in.

Ease of Use

The Mappedin indoor mapping platform is incredibly flexible, user-friendly, and easy to integrate with other apps and frameworks. Mappedin handles the initial setup of transforming 2D building floor plans into digital interactive maps, and provides customers with a self-serve Map Editor to maintain their indoor venue maps. Mapwize also provides self-serving map editing tools, however in the map creation process, Mapwize users must manually add pathing.

Industries Served

While Mapwize is focused on servicing workplace environments, Mappedin’s indoor mapping platform can be found powering wayfinding experiences across malls, offices, transportation hubs, campuses, city districts, stadiums, healthcare facilities, theme parks, events, and more.

Customer Experience

Mappedin is dedicated to providing the best customer experience. The Mappedin team provides onboarding, training, and ongoing support of the entire Mappedin Platform. The platform also supports global customers and partners, providing 24/7 support regardless of geographic location. Mapwize is also focused on providing a positive customer experience by equipping workplace teams with user-friendly mapping tools.


Mapwize’s product is sold under ServiceNow’s platform and Workplace Service Delivery suite, meaning customers must purchase Mapwize through the ServiceNow platform. Mappedin’s product is sold under an annual licensing model that can be used as a standalone application or integrated within another application.

Why Mappedin is the Better Alternative

Mappedin and Mapwize each have a unique approach to solving the challenges of indoor mapping. While they are both great options, Mappedin believes in enabling our customers with powerful 3D mapping solutions, easy-to-use tools, and a platform that works for everyone, regardless of industry or use case.

To learn more about indoor mapping or how Mappedin works with our customers, contact us.