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How Mappedin is Supporting the Return to Work

Jun 18, 2021
4 min read
By: Cara Hueston

Countless businesses said goodbye to their office space in March 2020, not knowing how long they would be working from home. Now midway through 2021, as more countries continue to get vaccinated, returning to work in the office is top of mind for many companies. But what does the “new” office look like? Employees and workplace managers alike must understand that the workplace they left over a year ago will look different going forward. 

As companies head back into an office space, there will be functional changes - six feet between desks, reduced common areas, and new sanitizing stations, scheduling changes - perhaps certain departments have assigned days in the office versus at home, and of course, numerous changes to promote and increase safety. 

These changes cannot happen overnight. They require dedicated employees and even full teams to take this “new office” from conceptualization all the way to action. We’ve previously discussed how workplace managers can prepare for the return to work and in this blog, we discuss how Mappedin is supporting these changes. 

Workplace Service Delivery

Mappedin’s indoor mapping platform is an integrated component of ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) product. This offering seamlessly automates common workplace questions for employees, making it easy to request and fulfill workplace services. Employees can find answers, get assistance, and improve efficiency all from a single source. 

Our integration with ServiceNow enables a 3D interactive digital space mapping solution for workplaces. This allows employees to visualize their office space and access various services, including turn-by-turn directions, locating and reserving meeting rooms, or reporting maintenance issues such as an out of order vending machine. This platform also allows office managers to pre-plan office layout changes and maintain their office floor plan in real-time.  

Customers Using Mappedin & Workplace Service Delivery

Mappedin is proud to be working with some incredible organizations across the globe to help support a safe and efficient return to work with. We are providing office indoor mapping to a variety of businesses: from Advance Solutions Corporation and Softcat to serve government agencies, to healthcare organizations such as UC San Diego Health, notable Financial institutions Navy Federal Credit UnionNuveen, a TIAA companyLincoln Financial GroupAfterPay, and Alliant Insurance, and a diverse group of software and information technology companies including NielsenIQGoDaddy, and of course the ServiceNow offices.     

Indoor Mapping for Offices

Employee Wayfinding 

Outside of the WSD solution, Mappedin offers intuitive indoor mapping and navigation for offices and our Map Editor makes it simple for workplace teams to maintain office floor plans. Our mapping SDKs and pre-built applications include wayfinding features such as turn-by-turn directions, multi-floor wayfinding, smart search, and more. These solutions also help to keep workplaces safe. For example, Mappedin's wayfinding can take different variables into account, such as routing users away from a hallway that is too narrow to maintain a safe social distance. 

Data Visualization 

Mappedin’s indoor mapping solutions can also help visualize important data related to an office space. For example, visualizing airflow can provide insight to office managers on how to best arrange desk spaces around the quality of air movement. Layered on top of a 3D venue map, these visualizations can also display associated location data. Mappedin’s SDKs give customers the ability to layer customizations on top of the map. In this case for example, dynamic arrows that allow users to understand the direction of airflow.

Contact Monitoring 

Companies that are returning to work can use indoor maps and positioning to deploy an indoor contact monitoring solution. In the event of an employee testing positive for COVID-19, workplace admins can determine which other devices came into close contact and send a notification to take the necessary precautions.

While we can be certain that the office is changing, and maybe for good, workplaces won’t be left to fend for themselves. Returning to work is top of mind for many, including technology providers like Mappedin. To learn more about how we’re supporting a safe and seamless transition back into the office and how we can help your company, contact us today.