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Digital mapping software provides First Responders with a platform to successfully maintain and access the most up-to-date version of every building floor plan in their response area, enabling maximum accuracy and indoor spatial awareness when it is needed the most.

Digitized Pre-Plans Improve Public Safety

Digitized pre-plans allow for accuracy and collaboration by First Responder teams, ultimately improving public safety. As underlying changes to the built environment are constant, having tools to maintain up-to-date floor plans at scale is critical.

This solution has been sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Indoor Mapping for First Responders

Place a Symbol

Add a Note

Insert a Text Annotation

Create an Area

Mappedin Response

Mappedin Response allows First Responders to create, annotate, and view accurate indoor pre-plans in real-time. Our platform automatically digitizes paper-based pre-plans and provides public safety teams with a platform to manage and access the most up-to-date version of every building floor plan in their response area.

Digitize Raster Floor Plans

Through the Mappedin platform, First Responder teams can automatically digitize building blueprints. Users can upload raster floor plans in DXF, PNG, and JPEG formats and using advanced Machine Learning, Mappedin Response converts these paper-based pre-plans into editable, digital assets.

Annotate with Custom Symbols

Once building floor plans have been digitized, permitted users can add, adjust, and delete symbols throughout the pre-plan. The responsive design allows users to make changes from desktop or tablet devices while on-site. First Responder teams can use included symbols from the NFPA or upload a custom list of symbols, as well as add text annotations, notes, images, and more.

Respond Using Accurate Pre-Plans

With Mappedin Response, First Responders can rely on accurate pre-plans to better understand building layouts and how the space is being used in advance of arriving at an emergency call. Along with digital floor plans, First Responders can view the building profile to learn more about the venue including address, building type, lot entrance, primary building access, external FDCs, closest hydrant, lockbox number, and more.

Mappedin Response Features

Responsive Design

Mappedin Response has been optimized for desktop and tablet, allowing First Responders to upload floor plans, add symbols, and view pre-plans from either device type.

Custom Symbols

First Responder teams can use default symbols or a customized list, as well as add, adjust, and delete walls, connection points, text annotations, images, and more.

Automatic Digitization

Users can upload paper-based pre-plans in DXF, PNG, and JPEG formats to automatically digitize them into editable, digital assets.

Multi-floor Toggle

Mappedin Response users can upload and view specific floors of each building. The multi-floor toggle makes switching between levels simple.

Collaborative Editing

First Responder teams can experience increased efficiency by collaborating on venue pre-plans in one centralized tool.

Accessible On-The-Go

With tablets, users can take Mappedin Response on-site, either to adjust symbols and connection points, or view the recently updated pre-plans.

Learn how cities are using Mappedin Response

“Over the last few years, Mappedin has spent time understanding the indoor mapping needs of Fire Response teams. It was clear that Fire Response teams were lacking access to up-to-date, digitized floor-plans to help with situational awareness before entering a building during an emergency. With our extensive experience in indoor mapping, we felt that this was our problem to solve.”

Hongwei Liu, CEO

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