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Indoor mapping, navigation, and positioning software for retail stores

Our maps help shoppers and associates find their way and locate items effortlessly.



Maps that shoppers and staff love

Discover a new level of retail convenience with interactive indoor maps. Designed for easy navigation and discovery, these maps assist shoppers and associates in finding the most efficient pathways within a store, all while seamlessly locating items on their shopping lists. Whether you’re a customer searching for a new product or a staff member streamlining onboarding and fulfillment processes, our interactive retail maps have you covered.

Build shopping lists

Curate shopping lists by searching products, brands, or categories. Access item details, stock, aisle numbers, and more.

Locate products

Navigate the store using your list or by searching on-the-go, finding the fastest route to your desired products.

Empower staff

Streamline employee onboarding and fulfillment with guided navigation to products, including inventory checks and precise location details.


Powerful tools for indoor mapping

Mappedin has a wide range of product offerings for numerous industries and use cases. Use them to facilitate visits for onsite customers and web users and manage maps across multiple venues. Pick the products that meet your needs and customize your own package.


Mappedin Web


Mappedin SDK


Mappedin CMS

Mappedin Web

An interactive indoor map makes it easy for visitors to navigate your store—even before they arrive. Optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, Mappedin's Responsive Web App lets users access your map regardless of their location. The Top Locations feature highlights the most popular destinations at your venue, while Smart Search, Mobile Pass, and Smart Labels make it easy for shoppers to plan their routes.

Retail -Mappedin Web

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Retail -Mappedin Web


A solution to fit your budget

Mappedin is a one-stop solution for all your indoor mapping needs. Sign up for free and get hands-on experience today. Or rely on our professional expertise to show you everything Mappedin can do. Mappedin makes it easy to get started by setting up your venue. It’s the fastest—and best—way to gain access to a useful indoor map for driving results.

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Guidance and navigation for every industry

At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for over 1.5 billion square feet of indoor space worldwide. You’ll find us anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the industries we support with versatile, accurate digital indoor maps.

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We work within your workflows

Start making maps quickly with Mappedin and seamlessly integrate those maps into any existing or custom application using our APIs and Software Developer Kits (SDKs). Our solution also includes developer support from our team of experts.

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Our partners

Mappedin works with a variety of technology partners to provide a seamless experience for indoor maps and navigation.


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By now, you recognize the significance of digital maps in enhancing the retail experience for shoppers, associates, and store owners, while serving as critical resources during emergencies. Let us show you how we can provide the technology and support to make the power of indoor mapping work for your retail stores.

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