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Guide to Maintaining Digital Stadium Maps

Mar 16, 2021

4 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

Stadiums and arenas are constantly changing to account for a wide range of events, from sports games to concerts. This prompts the question: how can we make it easy and effortless for property managers to create and maintain their maps as they change or grow?

At Mappedin, our goal is to make venue mapping a seamless process with endless capabilities. With our flexible platform and enterprise grade tools, we consistently provide end-to-end solutions for creating, maintaining, and visualizing your property maps. We start by turning your 2D floorplans into a 3D interactive map of your stadium.

A digital map not only provides important information and simple directions but with accurate and easy-to-maintain location data, stadiums can layer additional experiences such as parking and wait-time software, in-seat experiences, push-notifications, proximity marketing and more. Let’s take a look at how we make maintaining stadium maps and their experiences an easy task for property managers! 

Set Permission Levels Within Your Organization

“Who will be able to edit my venue maps?”

The answer is simple: anyone that you choose to give the access to! Our platform allows you to set permission levels across your organization to enable collaboration in one tool. With one consistent draft at any given time, larger teams are able to work on the same venue, saving time and effort. You can decide who is responsible for editing location data, altering the physical structure of your venue, pulling usage reports and analytics, and more- all from one tool! These permissions can also be granted temporarily or for a specified amount of time, allowing for flexibility within organizations for contracts or vacation times to be covered without the workflow being interrupted.

Maintain Multiple Layouts For Your Venue

“What if my stadium layout looks totally different for each event?”

Mappedin’s flexible platform makes it easy for stadiums and arenas that host different events to manage and maintain each of the unique floor plans. With our Map Editor, you can create distinct layouts for each event type hosted at your venue and switch between them with ease. For instance, you can switch from a soccer game layout to a concert layout with one click of a button. With the ability to save each of these event types and layouts, it's never been easier to update the map showing on your website or mobile app, ensuring fans are using the right map to navigate to their seat, amenities, services, and more. You can also save time when creating these unique layouts by applying the same structural elements across all maps. You then have the ability to edit unique features such as seating charts, retailers, concession stands, and activities. This way, you can create seamless and custom mapping experiences for each event type!

Highlight Services & Amenities At Your Stadium

“How can I showcase the new restaurant at my stadium?”

Our Map Editor makes it a simple task for you to add, relocate and delete services and amenities. From washrooms and elevators to retail stores and dining spots, you can customize your stadium to attract visitors. With simple drag-and-drop tools, you can easily add temporary vendors to your map so visitors are aware of the full offering at your stadium. Hot dog, ice cream, or beer carts, for example, can be quickly added, relocated, and deleted. These changes are reflected on the maps in real-time so that visitors can effortlessly locate and purchase from your services and amenities. 

Update Location Statuses In Real-time

“What if a washroom is temporarily closed in my stadium?”

With our platform, you can update the status of various amenities at your stadium or arena with ease. In the event that a washroom temporarily closes for cleaning or a concession stand closes for the night, you can keep your guests up to date with real-time updates. Simply select the location and change its status to “Closed”. When your services are back up-and-running, let guests know with the click of a button. This ensures that visitors are always receiving the most accurate information about your stadium’s offerings. 

Pre-Plan Changes To Your Venue Map 

“What if I don’t want immediate changes to my map?”

Mappedin’s Draft and Publish mode makes it easy to plan changes to your map in advance. Whether your venue is undergoing renovations, adding new retailers, or hosting a new event type, pre-plan these edits without compromising your live map! You can preview your changes to ensure everything is in place before publishing the updates for guests to see. 

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