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Hackedin Spring Edition 2024: Mapping Beyond Boundaries

May 9, 2024

4 min read

By: Kimberly Luu

Welcome to the latest recap of Mappedin's internal hackathon, Hackedin! Every quarter, we gather our talented developers from various teams at our Waterloo office to push the boundaries of our SDK and explore new ideas in a collaborative, fun-filled environment. Hackedin is not just about innovation; it's a celebration of teamwork and creativity, bringing people together who don't usually work side-by-side, all while testing the limits of what we can achieve together.

Hackedin Project Showcase

🗺️ Real-Time Map Dynamics - Developer Relations Team

Imagine a world where your map updates in real-time, reflecting every change in the environment—this is what Chris from DevRel , has brought to life. His demo, ‘Real-Time Map Dynamics,’ showcases the possibility of creating a platform that enables non-developers to integrate real-time data into maps easily. Using a user-friendly form, map owners can configure data sources and select map features to update live, such as changing the color of parking spaces (polygons) or moving marker positions to track security personnel.

This Hackedin project leverages the power of the Mappedin SDK to turn static maps into dynamic visuals for a range of operational uses such as parking apps, security dashboards, or an asset management system - enhancing the customer experience with valuable information at a glance.

🌸 Custom Directory Theme Preview - Bespoke Team

The ‘Custom Directory Theme Preview’ project tackles the challenge of customizing the appearance of directories with ease. Julia and Mariia of the Bespoke Team developed a proof of concept where venue management or owners can input a URL, and the system generates a preview of a themed directory by using the canvas element in HTML to determine the predominant colors of a background image. This enables owners to align UI elements harmoniously with event-specific themes. The project simplifies the design process, making it easy to customize themes without in-depth technical knowledge.

Play around with the project! 👉 

🐤 Enhanced Realism with 3D Object Library - Developer Relations Team

3d object duck takeover

Zach from DevRel, hacked away on a '3D Object Library', inspired by suggestions from our user community—the desire for more lifelike map representations. The project answers this by introducing the capability to add detailed three-dimensional (3D) furniture and decorative items directly into our maps. The realistic furniture improves the visual appeal of the maps and greatly increases contextual awareness, making them more useful for navigating and planning. 

We're continuing to explore this innovation, aiming to enhance the visual appeal, functionality, and practicality of future Mappedin maps!

👀 Sneak Peek: Future of Map Styling - SDK Team

Get ready for a glimpse into the future of map styling with this ‘Interactive Map Styling Suite’ hack. This project provides an exciting look into how mapmakers could style maps in real time. With interactive styling features, mapmakers can directly click and style map elements with colors and heights, simplifying the design process. It also features unified scene rendering, allowing simultaneous visualization of indoor and outdoor maps! This sneak peek is just the beginning—stay tuned for what's next as we roll out more features to enhance your mapping experience.

maputnik mappedin map designer

🎊 Conclusion and Celebrations

Each project presented here marks a step forward in our continuous journey to refine and enhance our mapping technology. Stay tuned for more innovations from Mappedin, as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of indoor digital mapping.

Start mapping for free today by signing up on your desktop! Whether you're new to mapping or a seasoned pro, our tools make it easy for anyone to map indoor spaces, commercial properties, and community venues. Head over to the Developer Portal to play around and learn about the Mappedin Web SDK. For enterprises aiming to create a full-fledged mapping experience, our Sales team is here to help craft the perfect solution for you.

We can't wait to see the creative ideas that will come out of the next Hackedin!