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Using Indoor Maps to Create a Stadium Experience

Nov 17, 2020

3 min read

By: Cara Hueston

Watching your team play or seeing your favourite artist perform is something to look forward to. Here’s how indoor mapping can create an end-to-end experience at your stadium or arena.

Digital indoor maps make it easy for fans to locate parking, seats, washrooms, and more at your stadium or arena. With Mappedin’s platform, you can keep your floor plans and venue maps up-to-date, showcase events and advertising, and layer on additional experiences such as real-time indoor positioning that use accurate location-based data.

Manage event maps and information

When fans ask “What do I need to know before the event?” 

Stadiums can host a number of different events, each with its own unique floor plan and seating chart. Using an indoor mapping platform provides you with a way to manage each of these layouts, toggle them on for their associated events, and give fans an accessible and digital map of your venue. When fans head to your website, they expect to see a list of upcoming events and their details which can now include a 3D interactive map of your venue. 

Integrate with online ticketing providers

When fans ask “How can I purchase tickets to this event?”

Once fans have decided on the event they would like to attend, they need to decide on a place to sit. By integrating your digital map and ticketing provider, fans can click on different sections and rows to see more details including availability, price, and the view from that section. An indoor mapping platform allows your team to save time and consolidate efforts on map management. By using the same indoor map for ticketing that fans use for wayfinding and other stadium applications, any changes you make to layouts, retailers, promotions, and more will be applied across all of your digital maps.     

Provide seamless car-to-seat wayfinding

When fans ask “What’s the fastest way to my seat?”

It’s the day of the event and your fans want to know the best place to park and the closest entry gate to their seat. Your digital map can make these recommendations and provide a car-to-seat wayfinding experience. If your venue is equipped with indoor positioning technology such as beacons, or by using Mappedin’s Responsive Web App, you can offer intuitive blue dot navigation. Fans can simply open your stadium map on their mobile devices, view their current location, and populate directions directly to their seat. 

Highlight vendors, services, and amenities 

When fans ask “What services and amenities are available and where are they located?”

Once fans have arrived and found their seat, drive revenue by highlighting services, amenities, and retailers directly on your map. Fans can see available and nearby locations, their hours, descriptions, and photos. Before they face the crowds, fans can check the lines at concession stands or washrooms through integrations with companies such as WaitTime. Your stadium app can even go above and beyond with in-seat ordering. Technology partners like VenueNext allow fans to pre-order or have food and beverage services delivered right to their seat. 

Streamline discovery throughout your stadium 

When fans ask “How quickly can I make it back to my seat?”

Visitors to your stadium have the ability to save their section directly through your digital map. This feature makes it stress-free for fans to explore your venue and quickly re-locate their seat before the event begins. By combining accurate indoor positioning with your digital map, moving around your stadium has never been easier for visitors. 

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