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Yarooms and Mappedin: Enhancing Office Wayfinding for the Workplace

Feb 20, 2024

3 min read

By: Mappedin

Yarooms and Mappedin announce a new partnership to enhance the efficiency of office wayfinding through innovative workplace solutions.

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What does Yarooms do?

Yarooms, the creator of workplace experience software, and Mappedin, the leader in digital indoor mapping, have recently forged a strategic partnership to revolutionize office wayfinding and optimize workplace efficiency. This collaboration brings together the expertise of Yarooms in workspace management and Mappedin's cutting-edge technology in wayfinding and navigation.

What does Mappedin do?

Mappedin is the leading platform for indoor spatial data management, digitizing venues, and building best-in-class indoor mapping experiences. Built for scale, Mappedin’s flexible platform and enterprise-grade tools enable them to work with leading operators and developers around the world.

What does Yarooms and Mappedin's partnership look like?

Mappedin's digital indoor mapping technology integrated with the Yarooms solution will provide accurate and real-time navigation within the office space, optimizing resource utilization and empowering visitors and employees with comprehensive information about office layouts and available resources. 

"As we embark on this strategic partnership with Mappedin, we're excited about the possibilities it unlocks for the future of office environments. Yarooms' workplace experience software coupled with Mappedin's wayfinding technology is a powerful combination, poised to reshape how we navigate the office and experience the workplace."

Jenifer Rhodus, Director Sales, Yarooms

"The integration with Yarooms is an important step for Mappedin. Our user-friendly wayfinding technology makes it easy to locate, navigate, and find workplace amenities. Paired with the Yarooms platform, it will allow clients to visualize and book workspaces seamlessly. This is truly changing the employee experience in an evolving work environment."

 Michael Pasket, Managing Director of Workplace Technology and Partnerships, Mappedin

Read more about Office Wayfinding as a Workplace Experience Tool and view the podcast conversation between Yarooms and Mappedin.

Looking forward

With many businesses taking a deeper look into how offices are more than just a workplace, Yarooms and Mappedin will continue to collaborate on creating engaging experiences for employees by offering scalable and innovative mapping solutions. Interested in learning more about Yarooms and Mappedin's partnership and how it can benefit your business? Contact us today and let's start a conversation.

About Yarooms

Yarooms is a Romanian+US tech company that has been creating a powerful yet easy-to-use Workplace Experience Platform since 2010. Their desk booking, meeting room booking, work planning, workplace carbon tracking, and visitor management solutions deliver top-tier workplace experiences to organizations in over 50 countries. Clients include financial institutions, government authorities, or educational institutions such as Columbia University, Dedalus, National Health Service, AAA, Dr. Martens, and Cerved.