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Latest Media

Let’s Take This Outside

Sep 19, 20232 min read

This month’s release of the Mappedin Web SDK includes a new feature that many have been asking for, Outdoor View! Outdoor View allows you to include outdoor maps that surround...


The Importance of Useful Indoor Maps  

Sep 19, 202317 min read

Digital indoor maps are pivotal in transforming how we navigate and engage within indoor spaces. From malls and airports to schools and offices, these maps elevate efficiency, safety, and user...

A Day in the Life of an Accounts Receivable Specialist

Aug 30, 20236 min read

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind “busy season” in an accounting position? Are you intrigued about the daily responsibilities of an Accounts Receivable Specialist?  We recently conducted an...



Top Reasons to Use Interactive School Maps

Aug 14, 202310 min read

Ready to uncover the compelling benefits of interactive school maps? From providing easy-to-use navigation to enhancing emergency readiness, discover how these maps ensure safety, efficiency, and connectivity for students, parents,...

Top 10 Use Cases for Indoor Maps in Shopping Malls

Aug 14, 202311 min read

In the bustling world of shopping malls, indoor maps prove to be an indispensable tool, enhancing the experience for both shoppers and businesses. From seamless navigation to tailored promotions, here...



Accurate Indoor Mapping for Fire Departments and Emergency Preparedness

Aug 14, 20239 min read

Fire departments play a critical role in ensuring public safety and emergency response. Accurate indoor mapping has emerged as a valuable tool for enhancing their effectiveness in emergencies. In this...

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