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Latest Media

Navigating with Confidence: Mercator Zoom Levels for Indoor Precision

Nov 24, 20234 min read

Introducing Mercator Zoom Levels Recently, we launched Dynamic Focus and Transient Polygons - two new SDK features which can be configured using Web Mercator zoom levels! Why adopt Web...

Dev Content

Mappedin Maker Tips and Tricks

Nov 9, 20234 min read

Mappedin Maker is the easiest way for anyone to start mapping the indoors. With its easy-to-use interface and tools, you can go from a paper floor plan to an interactive...

Map Editor


A Day in the Life of a VP of Product Engineering

Nov 3, 20235 min read

MAKER! MAKER! MAKER! What exactly is Mappedin Maker, and what benefits does it bring? Are you ready to delve into the details of our latest self-serve mapping product? We recently...



Mappedin Web Updates - October 2023

Nov 1, 20233 min read

Customer feedback has been the guiding star in our development journey, and we've been hard at work crafting enhancements to elevate your experience. Now let's explore what's fresh and what's...

Web App


Mappedin SDK Updates - October 2023

Nov 1, 20233 min read

Mappedin SDK is used to power thousands of venues worldwide and is constantly improving with new functionality. Here’s a feature roundup of the latest SDK additions and improvements. Dynamic Focus...



Megaworld Lifestyle Malls: Unlocking Exceptional Shopping Experiences

Oct 30, 20234 min read

Ready to experience shopping like never before at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls? Discover how this renowned developer of lifestyle malls in the Philippines is using cutting-edge technology to create an unforgettable...

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