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Cadillac Fairview: Using Mappedin’s Mobile SDKs for Optimized Navigation

Jan 26, 2022
4 min read
By: Lucy Bragg

As one of the largest Canadian retail real estate owners, Cadillac Fairview uses Mappedin’s Mobile SDKs to provide optimized navigation and discovery across 18 shopping centres in their LiVE by CF app. 

What is Cadillac Fairview? 

Cadillac Fairview (CF), is a globally focused owner, operator, investor, and developer of best-in-class real estate across retail, office, residential, industrial and mixed-use asset classes. To deliver a modernized and immersive shopping experience, CF wanted to integrate a digital indoor mapping solution into the LiVE by CF App, enabling maximum discovery of all 18 of their Canadian shopping centres. This includes some of the most popular malls in Canada, such as the Toronto Eaton Centre and the Rideau Centre

Why SDKs?

LiVE by CF was built to improve the customer journey by connecting physical retail spaces with immersive digital experiences. With this initiative, CF wanted to incorporate the same enriched indoor mapping and navigation experience provided in-store and online, in their mobile app. 

CF has been using Mappedin’s Digital Directories and Web App for years, thus they decided to use our Mobile SDKs as the foundation of their mapping application in the LiVE by CF app. 

Mappedin’s Mobile SDKs are flexible and feature-rich, containing a variety of components required to integrate mapping into a mobile app. While ensuring a seamless wayfinding experience across all solutions, a huge benefit to using Mappedin’s platform is simplified map maintenance and management. CF can make edits to their shopping centre maps in real-time, and push those changes live to their directories, website, and LiVE by CF app, maintaining map accuracy and consistency at all times. 

With support from Mappedin’s developer team, strong documentation, sample apps, tutorials, and step-by-step guides, CF was able to get up and running quickly, enabling shoppers to discover the full extent of their Canadian retail portfolio directly from their mobile phones.

The Mobile Experience

CF uses Mappedin’s Mobile SDKs to integrate digital maps of their 18 Canadian shopping centres into their mobile app. Shoppers can switch between these locations to browse stores, products, and promotions, and access an interactive directory for top locations, categories, and search. Moreover, they can explore the map for directions and additional information such as up-to-date retailer hours, phone numbers, and descriptions. 

Search and Discovery

With the customizability of Mappedin’s SDKs, CF was able to create an interactive directory page where customers can simply search for a location, explore by category, browse amenities and featured locations, and be guided to the directions page or shopping centre map.

Customers receive predictive results as they type in the search bar, helping them locate stores and services quickly. Alternatively, category listings enable maximum discovery of all the offerings available in the mall, which can prove useful when visitors are unsure of what they’re looking for. 

With the featured locations section, CF provides easy access to important locations such as parking garages, curbside pickup zones, and more. With clickable amenity icons, customers can quickly locate guest services, washrooms, ATMs, dining halls, and security to name a few. 

Directions and Location Details

With the interactive shopping centre map, customers can zoom, rotate, and click on locations to see store details and populate directions. By pressing on “Get there!” shoppers can enter their starting location, along with any additional stops they would like to visit, to receive turn-by-turn directions to their desired destinations. There is also a filter allowing users to reorder stops for the most optimized route throughout the venue. With the accessibility filter, customers also have the option to avoid stairs and escalators, enabling them to navigate through routes that prioritize elevators. 

Shoppers can discover additional location details by selecting “View Details” and behind the scenes, CF can manage  these fields to include anything from operating hours, to deals and promotions, to contact information, the link to their website, and more. This allows visitors to access accurate and up-to-date location information at their fingertips, while enabling retailers to showcase store details of their choosing. 

Create a Mobile Experience Today

Cadillac Fairview’s LiVE by CF app has been a great success by continuing to drive interest and intent to their shopping centres. With Mappedin’s Mobile SDKs, building your custom real-time mapping experience has never been simpler.

Contact us to find out more about our solutions for malls and retailers, or how you can start creating your own mobile app with optimized navigation today.