Product 101: IMDF Export
Mar 31, 2020
3 min read
By: Genny Orser

Mappedin has recently achieved full venue acceptance for Apple’s Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF). By working collaboratively with Apple for the last three years, we've seen them build out the Indoor Mapping Program, data standard, and feature set. Throughout this journey, the mission at Mappedin has remained; one map, everywhere. Along with leveraging Mappedin’s wayfinding products, many of our clients are interested in extending their venue data to the Indoor Mapping Program. This meant it was crucial that we align specific parts of our data infrastructure to enable the accurate export of approved client properties.

There are three ways that Mappedin clients can take advantage of our work with Apple; 

1. Apple blue dot for web & mobile

As discussed in our Real-Time Positioning for Web blog, Mappedin has the ability to export an IMDF file of our clients’ properties which opens the door for infrastructure-free indoor positioning. Along with the IMDF file of a venue, Mappedin uses the method of “fingerprinting” through Apple’s Indoor Survey app to generate the blue dot experience. The best part about this feature is that it’s directly integrated into our SDK and pre-built applications and, with our Responsive Web App, visitors can get the blue dot experience directly through the browser.

2. Apple’s IMDF for mobile app experiences

For clients looking to build their own mobile app experience, there are a few options for rendering their map in 3D and building wayfinding components. Mappedin clients have the flexibility to maintain their venue maps in our CMS, export to IMDF, and then leverage Apple’s Map Kit renderer or the Mappedin 3D renderer (accessible through our SDKs). We’re happy to recommend which of these options makes the most sense, depending on the experience you’re looking to build. Regardless of which option you choose, any map or location data changes made in the Mappedin CMS will be reflected in the mobile app experience, in real-time. 

3. Apple Maps <> Mappedin Venue Data

While many businesses are investing in indoor mapping experiences on their websites, digital directories, and mobile apps, Mappedin can also send venue data to Apple, allowing visitors to navigate directly in the Apple Maps app. This allows for yet another platform users can leverage when trying to navigate a venue and adds no additional data for the property to maintain. 

Apple has made this program available to all, meaning that anyone can export data through IMDF. The difference with Mappedin is our dedication to a heightened data standard, process automation, constant collaboration with Apple, and the ability to maintain map data through the same means leveraged for all other non-Apple mapping experiences. Adding the Apple Maps indoor program to the list of products and services we provide is yet another use-case for your digital map asset.

As product enhancements are added, and as the Apple program evolves, we will continue to inform you on how to take advantage of this great program either through us or directly with Apple Maps.

Interested in learning more? Continue reading or contact us today. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have.