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4 Ways to Use Indoor Mapping in Casinos

Oct 18, 2021
6 min read
By: Lucy Bragg

If you’re a fan of gambling, or simply want a fun night out, a visit to the casino might be exactly what you need. From slot machines, to table games and sports betting, casinos feature an array of exciting and exhilarating gambling games. With luck on your side, you might walk away with some extra cash, or even better, hit the jackpot! 

To continue captivating guests, casinos need to bring new and engaging features to their building, such as digital indoor mapping. Casinos can showcase the location of specific games and tables, provide indoor wayfinding and navigation, send out alerts for ongoing events, and much more. Let’s delve into how this solution can provide an impressive guest experience.

Showcase Games, Services, and Entertainment

Casinos offer a variety of games, including table games such as blackjack, craps, baccarat, and poker, along with slot machines, roulette wheels, dice games, and everything in between. With so many games to choose from, it can be overwhelming for the first-time visitor or inexperienced gambler. However, with a digital indoor map, you can help your guests visualize your casino and everything that it offers. For instance, Yaamava’ Resort & Casino uses our web app to showcase an aesthetically pleasing map on their website.  

Maps are interactive, so visitors can pan, zoom, rotate, and explore the entirety of your casino. With customizability, your casino map can display information such as the location of specific games, services, restaurants, and on-site entertainment. You can also highlight the largest payout tables, the most popular or challenging games, and other features that grab the attention of your guests. 

With a visually appealing map featured on your website, visitors can take maps on-the-go using their phones as they explore your casino, or even plan their trip ahead of time. Additionally, you can display your map on digital directories in key areas of the casino, such as the entrance, so that visitors can quickly get acquainted with their surroundings. Not only does this make you stand out amongst your competitors, but it also helps visitors make the most out of their visit!

Explore the Casino with Indoor Wayfinding and Navigation

Casinos are often featured in a resort and combined with restaurants, hotels, retail shopping, and other attractions. As such, navigating casinos and its amenities can be extremely confusing. Fortunately, indoor mapping providers such as Mappedin are equipped with navigation and wayfinding capabilities that eliminate this confusion and make it easy for guests to find their way around. 

With real-time positioning enabled, visitors can see their real-time location on the digital map, and populate intuitive step-by-step directions to their favourite games, restaurants, and amenities. Instead of cluelessly wandering around, this allows guests to search and locate their desired destination, providing an end-to-end wayfinding experience. For instance, a visitor can search for “poker” on the map, and receive a list of locations where the game is being played, along with detailed information on bet limits, game etiquette, operating hours, and more. They can also browse through category listings if they’re not sure what they’re looking for.

Maps can be displayed in various locations using digital directory displays, the casino’s website, or through mobile applications. Casinos that have an existing mobile app can use mapping SDKs to seamlessly integrate maps that offer wayfinding and navigation all in one convenient place. Alternatively, casinos can use Mappedin’s Mobile Pass to transfer directions from a QR code to guests’ mobile devices. This feature can be extremely useful for larger casinos that are featured in a resort or combined with other entertainment, as QR codes can be placed in various locations such as restaurants, retail stores, and hotels, and when scanned, can direct visitors straight to the casino. Even more, QR codes can be placed in resort pamphlets and other printed or digital materials around the casino.

Engage Guests with Events and Promotions

As an entertainment space, keeping visitors engaged and excited about your casino is top priority. As such, you can use digital maps as a marketing tool to showcase new services, events, and deals and promotions that grasp the attention of your guests as they explore your casino. For instance, you can highlight new additions such as a restaurant, and send out push notifications of “half price drinks!” to notify guests of ongoing deals and promotions. 

With indoor positioning, the possibilities to drive increased foot traffic and revenue at your casino are limitless. When guests are passing by specific locations, such as a high limit blackjack table, you can motivate them to join the game by sending a personalized message. If someone is walking past a restaurant, you can prompt them into making a purchase by sending them a coupon for 10% off their meal. Or, when an event is being held, you can send out alerts to entice guests to stop by. Proximity marketing is an easy way for casinos to promote specific games, services, and events available within the building from the foundation of a digital map.

Moreover, with accurate location-based data, you can generate insights and analytics on what your guests are looking for by tracking searches and location selections. If a significant amount of guests are searching for a game that doesn’t exist at your casino, you may consider adding it. Alternatively, if visitors are constantly searching for slot machines, you can use this data to serve up highly engaging content to promote them further. Digital maps are an asset that helps bring attention to a variety of entertainment that promotes your casino.

Real-Time Casino Management

Casinos are ever-changing to account for new additions, renovations, and expansion of games and services. With an indoor mapping platform such as Mappedin’s, casinos can manage and update layouts and location information all in one convenient place, making it an ideal property management solution. 

With our user-friendly Map Editor tools, you can make quick and easy edits to your casino map in real-time, displaying up-to-date information to your visitors. For instance, you can add a new game, move around existing slot machines, display games under maintenance, and much more. This also allows you to rearrange playing tables and machines to see how they perform in different areas of the casino. The best part is that edits can be made in a draft mode to allow for a safe review before the map is pushed live to consumer-facing applications.

Captivate Guests to Return Again

With digital maps, you can deliver an exceptional experience that guests will keep coming back for. Showcase your games and entertainment, help guests navigate, send out alerts for events and promotions, and manage your casino maps with ease. If you ask me, it’s a win-win for everyone!

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