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Feature 101: Save My Location

Apr 7, 2022

5 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

Have you ever run into problems locating your parking spot? Your seat at a sporting event? The uber pickup point? 

We’ve all been there. 

With a simple click, Mappedin’s Save My Location feature allows you to pin a location on the map for easy wayfinding to and from it at any time. 

How It Works

Mappedin’s Responsive Web App V2 provides an easy way to save your location. Simply load the venue map and you will see a prompt to tap the blue dot (also known as your real-time position) to drop a pin on your location. A profile card will appear, giving you the option “Save this location” and once saved, navigation is quick and easy. 

Get step-by-step instructions to and from this saved location by clicking on the directions button. When searching a venue, you will also have the option to select the saved location as your departure or destination point. The best part? Your saved location is always visible on the map for quick reference. You can also unsave it or update it at any given time.

Customer & User Benefits

Navigating places is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Make it easier for your guests to find their way around your venue with this convenient feature. Along with providing real-time navigation updates, blue dot enables guests to quickly locate their car, the family meet-up spot, or a store they’d like to return to later. While enhancing the blue dot feature of your mapping application, you’re also creating a better guest experience. Mappedin’s Save My Location feature provides: 

  • Easy Navigation

  • Convenience 

  • Personalized Experience

Now visitors don’t have to force themselves to remember where you parked or where your airport boarding gate is located. This feature helps you quickly navigate to and from any area of a venue. While saving you time, it also prevents you from getting lost in large and confusing spaces. With the flexibility to save any location, this also means the feature can be used for a wide range of scenarios. Let’s delve into some!

Use Cases

Find Parking Spots

It can be hard enough finding a good parking spot, but locating it later on can be even more difficult. Especially in large parking lots outside of airports, shopping centres, theme parks, stadiums, and resorts. Or, arguably the worst, underground parking lots. Instead of taking a picture and hoping it will be enough to locate your car after spending hours inside, use Save My Location. You can pull up your parking spot on the map and navigate there in no time.

Locate Seats During an Event 

Scrambling to find your seat during a concert or sporting event is far from fun. Fortunately, stadiums and arenas can provide a seamless guest experience by enabling you to pin your seat location on the map. If you leave to find a restroom, concession stand, or other amenity, you can get real-time directions back to your seat with the click of a button. Save My Location can also be used to pin your parking spot, and paired with Mappedin’s Save My Section feature, you can be guided from the parking lot all the way to your seat section. Alternatively, you can save the entrance/exit doors as a location for a speedy way out once the event is over.

Meet Up With Friends & Family 

Save My Location is also useful for meeting up with people at a specified location. A coffee shop, a booth at a trade show, a residence on campus, an art gallery exhibit, or even a hospital room. If someone arrives early, they can pin the meet-up spot, walk around the venue, and navigate back to it as quickly as possible. Or, if your family decides to split up at a mall and explore different stores, you can find each other again by sharing the URL to the saved location. The possibilities are endless with this easily accessible feature.

Revisit a Location

You might find yourself mesmerized by some artifacts at a museum, or maybe you went to a casino and enjoyed some table games more than others. In either case, you may decide to revisit these areas once more. Save My Location helps you do that effortlessly; just pin your current location and come back to it later. This also helps if you need to return to an office meeting room, you’re waiting for a repair at the Apple Store, or you couldn’t make up your mind on whether to purchase the shirt you were eyeing an hour ago. You can conveniently mark the area of the venue you’d like to return to.

Routes to Transit Stops, Bike Racks & Taxi Pickup Points

Seamless transit to and from your venue results in happier visitors. And if your guests are happy, they’re more likely to return again. Save My Location enables map users to populate routes to transit stops, bike racks, and their taxi pickup locations when saved. This way, getting home after a day at the mall, movies, or workplace is seamless and stress-free.

Make Your Venue Easier to Navigate

Start elevating your guest experiences with this innovative feature. Provide visitors with an additional level of convenience and easy navigation to and from their parking spot, stadium seat, or any desired location. 

Contact us to learn more about Save My Location and how it will benefit your venue.