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Product 101: Stadium Web App

Mar 16, 2023

4 min read

By: Mandy Tang

Never miss a moment of your favorite events with Mappedin responsive web app for stadiums. This web application is packed with features geared towards making the fan experience simple and stress-free! A dynamic map that is effortless to maintain with the latest information about new features and amenities within your stadium. 


Save My Section & Save my Parking 

Arrive and depart with some ease of mind with the Save my Parking feature. Get step-by-step instructions to and from this saved location by clicking on the directions button. When searching a venue, you will also have the option to select your saved parking as your departure or destination point. The best part? Your saved location is always visible on the map for quick reference. You can also unsave it or update it at any given time.

Say goodbye to getting lost in a sea of seats! Save My Section offers guests a quick and hassle-free wayfinding experience. Just tap the “Save My Section” button and your section stays put on the map, no matter where your adventure takes you. Hungry for a hot dog or thirsty for a cold drink? The map suggests vendors closest to your seat, so you can refuel without missing a beat.

Category Overview for Stadiums 

Organize your locations with categories such as Washrooms, Suites, Food & Drink, Fan Experiences and much more. These fully customizable categories allow users to easily select and browse locations with a simple click of a button. 

Category Tags 

Have deeper indexing of your locations with category tags that you are able to create in Mappedin CMS. These tags will appear within your location and users can select the tag to view more options for locations within that category. Allows for deeper discovery at any point of the user's journey. 

Product Benefits 

Provide Seamless Car-to-Seat Navigation 

Elevate the fan experience with our digital map technology! Our advanced indoor positioning technology, such as beacons or Mappedin's Responsive Web App, provides intuitive blue dot navigation that guides fans directly to their seats. With our car-to-seat wayfinding experience, fans can easily access directions on their mobile devices and view their current location. 

Improved Operations for Stadiums 

This feature was designed to benefit stadiums as well as their visitors. Save My Section reduces strain on stadium staff by providing guests with the tools to navigate independently. Before arrival, stadium visitors can either find their section by exploring the map, or by search. From there, turn-by-turn directions will indicate the appropriate entry gate and the most efficient path to their section.  

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Save My Section can also reduce wait times and increase revenue for stadiums. By integrating with other software platforms, stadiums can allow visitors to order food and drink directly to their seats. This feature provides a more personalized experience, guiding visitors to services closest to their section. This helps with crowd control and in turn, keeping guests happy. In a recent study, ​​45% of fans are abandoning concession lines if the wait time seems too long. Digital indoor maps can also be combined with software such as WaitTime, where fans can visit food and beverage locations with the shortest wait and then quickly navigate back to their seats. 

Integrate with Ticket Providers 

After selecting the event they wish to attend, fans must choose their seating location. By incorporating your digital map and ticketing service, fans can click on various sections and rows to access additional information, such as availability, price, and the view from that particular section. With the use of an indoor mapping platform, your team can streamline map management and save time. Utilizing the same indoor map for ticketing, wayfinding, and other stadium applications ensures that any modifications made to layouts, retailers, promotions, and so on will be applied to all digital maps. 

Ready to Elevate the Fan Experience? 

Interested in implementing indoor maps in your stadium? Contact us to book a demo today.