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4 Advantages to Using Digital Maps in Retail Stores

Jul 14, 2020

4 min read

By: Cara Hueston

Imagine your retail store could offer the same advantages as e-commerce, along with the benefits of brick and mortar shopping. From locating products with a few keystrokes to personalized offers and optimized operations, here are four advantages that digital maps provide to both retailers and their shoppers. 

1. Empowering in-store shoppers 

Shoppers arrive at your retail store with varying degrees of product knowledge and different types of shopping lists. Some know exactly what items they need, even down to the brand (e.g. Cuisinart Kettle), others know generally what store departments to look in (e.g. Kitchen Small Appliances), while some arrive without a list and looking for inspiration on what to purchase. 

A digital map can help each of these shopper types. With information at their fingertips, shoppers can search, navigate, and discover everything your retail store has to offer. From category listings to a powerful AI-driven search, 3D interactive maps, and more, gone are the days of lost, confused, and frustrated shoppers.  

Retailers such as Sephora and Home Depot have invested in robust mobile apps that allow their customers to review product information and receive personalized offers. Mappedin’s SDKs allow retail stores to integrate their custom indoor map experiences with existing shopper applications and in turn, provide an end-to-end experience.  

2. Efficiencies for store associates

Not only does a digital map platform help shoppers, it provides flexibility and operational efficiencies to retail stores and their associates. One benefit to retail stores is the ability to maintain your store layouts with a map management platform. A digital map editor offers a quick and easy way for associates to update store floor plans, product details, or stock information. Once these items have been updated and saved, changes are reflected in real-time on the shopper-facing map.

Along with the editor platform, associates are able to take advantage of the digital store map. The same interactive map used by shoppers can be used for employees stocking shelves or packing online orders, providing them with the most efficient route through the store. In many cases, shoppers are able to use a digital map to find product details and their location in the store, freeing up your associates to make product recommendations, stock shelves, and perform other high-value operations.

3. Targeted messaging and promotions

The shopper experience can be further enhanced when accurate digital maps are used with indoor positioning systems (IPS). Users can utilize turn-by-turn directions and see their precise location within a store. Mappedin’s real-time positioning for web provides this experience without the additional investment in IPS hardware. Along with providing detailed location information, IPS provides another way to communicate with your customers. When paired with proximity marketing, you can send targeted messages to users to notify them if an item from their shopping list is sold out or if nearby products are on promotion. This added touchpoint with shoppers can prove extremely valuable. In fact, in-store incentives like coupons, special deals, and one-time offers make users 78% more likely to take advantage of an in-store offer if it is presented to them.

4. Gather retail customer insights

As shoppers browse categories, search for products, and navigate within a venue, retail stores gain data to help them better serve their customers. A mapping analytics dashboard can show valuable insights such as top category selections, search trends over a specific time period, how customers are engaging with digital promotions, and more. Examine visual reports or export the raw data to review in combination with the volume of data already available to retailers. These additional insights can help make informed businesses decisions about your store and catering to shoppers.

A store map helps shoppers understand what departments and products are available and where to locate them. A digital map platform, however, offers this benefit along with many others to shoppers, retail stores, and their associates. In a space where Customer is King, simple navigation, easy-to-access product information, and personalized offers help to provide a shopping experience that is enhanced and seamless. For more information on Mappedin’s indoor mapping solutions for retail, contact us today. 

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