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Spotlight: Dynamic Rerouting Enhances Indoor Navigation

May 24, 2024

3 min read

By: Kimberly Luu

wayfinding in a mall with mappedin web sdk enterprise

Mappedin Web SDK now allows developers to modify the routing graph at runtime for dynamic routing in scenarios where real-time information can enhance the navigation experience!

Mappedin CMS provides powerful capability to create routes for indoor venues. Working together with the Mappedin SDK, we’ve provided hundreds of millions of routing requests every year to help people find their destination indoors. For industrial wayfinding in warehouses, the routing considers factors such as construction, one-way paths, accessibility requirements, and connections between different sections.

However, that’s not always enough. Application developers build with many use cases in mind, ranging from warehouse operations to augmented reality (AR) wayfinding. With the power of the Mappedin SDK, developers can now control the navigation graph. The nodes and edges you travel in an indoor environment can be filtered based on situational conditions separate from map data.

GeoJSON Exclusion Zones

Dynamic Rerouting with Mappedin Web SDK Enterprise

Imagine navigating a warehouse or hospital and, suddenly, areas become off-limits temporarily (e.g. an emergency in a specific area or a section closed due to maintenance). In these situations, dynamic rerouting with GeoJSON exclusion zones comes to the rescue by adapting paths in real time! This approach allows safety precautions to be implemented and keeps the journey smooth for visitors and staff.

To outline these exclusion zones, developers can easily update and manage the restricted areas on the fly, which is crucial for venues like warehouses and manufacturing facilities where conditions change rapidly. For instance, in a warehouse, paths might need to be dynamically adjusted to avoid areas with active automated equipment or where maintenance is being performed with larger machinery. This ensures both safety and smooth operation by rerouting foot traffic accordingly.

As a visual example, the interactive demo below highlights how to use the Mappedin Web SDK to draw a GeoJSON polygon around an exclusion zone, visually highlighting it in a bright color, and programmatically updating routes to navigate clear of the area. This example showcases how easily developers can integrate these modifications to maintain a seamless flow and allow visitors to stay safe and on the right course.

Elevate Your Indoor Navigation

Ready to enhance your application's indoor navigation capabilities with dynamic routing? Harness the power of the Mappedin Enterprise SDKthe tool to guide your visitors while flawlessly creating safer, more efficient navigation experiences. Whether you're dealing with a busy warehouse, a sprawling airport, or a complex hospital system, our tools can help you navigate any scenario seamlessly. Get in touch with our mapping technologists to get started today!