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Feature 101: Kiosk Metrics Dashboard

Jun 6, 2022

4 min read

By: Michael Law

The Mappedin Kiosk Metrics Dashboard displays multiple visualizations at once and provides a comprehensive view of real-time data from a venue’s kiosks. This feature was developed to help Mappedin customers with digital directories gain a better understanding of visitors by tracking total kiosk sessions, sessions per day of the week, session per hour of the day, how far a user went into a usage funnel, and much more.

Some session and usage metrics include: 

  • Sessions Count

  • Sessions per Day of Week

  • Kiosks by Session Count

  • Sessions per Hour of Day

  • Sessions by Kiosk Over Time

  • Average Session Duration by Context in Minutes for Kiosk

  • Top 10 Location Selections

  • User Usage Funnel

  • Top 10 Show QR Code Counts

  • Top 10 Visited QR Code Counts

Kiosk Metrics Dashboard Features

Ready to view metrics: The kiosk metrics dashboard includes key metrics and reports on how users engage with the directories inside your venue. The dashboard presents information in a digestible and user-friendly manner, and includes a number of metrics listed above to derive insights from.

Filter by organization, venue, and kiosk: The Kiosk Metrics Dashboard can be filtered by organization, venue, and kiosk. This enables you to visualize metrics from a large lens to see overall how a venue is performing or at a detailed and granular level for each kiosk.

Filter by time period: You can filter and explore metrics by time period, enabling you to track trends over specific periods of time. Quickly filter based on preset or custom ranges.

View data across a number of pre-made charts: Visualize your mapping data in a number of different ways using pre-made charts.

Download charts and tables as images: You can download your entire dashboard or individual charts or tables as images, making it easy to insert into presentations or share across your organization. 

Export metrics to CSV: You can easily export charts as CSV files to open in a spreadsheet application and work with raw data.

Feature Benefits

Better decision-making for venues

Analytic dashboards improve your reporting and will help you make more informed decisions based on reliable visual data. For example, implementing more directories near entrances will have a greater chance of users finding what they are looking for sooner. Visitors can easily discover what’s available within a venue and navigate through best-in-class wayfinding and search including multi-floor wayfinding and accessibility mode. By tracking sessions and usage, you’ll be able to derive insights in real-time to understand how people interact with your venue.

Increase insight into customer behaviour

Insights and trends are based on combinations of historic and real-time data. Identify emerging trends, understand how people are interacting with the digital directories, and get insight into what they’re searching for.

Increase revenue opportunities

Collect relevant information from customer behaviour and preferences to understand when they are most engaged. Use the data to deliver relevant messaging, suggestions, or run a campaign. For example, if a certain kiosk was used frequently during certain times of the day it could signify a lot of foot traffic through that area of the venue. It may be relevant to deliver ads during that time on the kiosk or set up vendors in that area. Based on a recent study to discover if the implementation of digital directories leads to increased sales, it was found that digital directories were positively linked to overall retail profitability. 

Made for sharing

Download dashboard visuals as images and metrics in CSV format for easy sharing with others in your organization or to insert into reports.

Future Use Cases

The ability to view real-time metrics for kiosks can be beneficial for a variety of other use cases. Adding a kiosk at a tradeshow to let attendees find vendor booths easier, for example, or adding a kiosk to a college campus to allow students to navigate to their classes more easily. The information collected at kiosks is valuable and allows you to make better decisions with data.

Are there other use cases for the Kiosk Metrics Dashboard that would benefit your venue? Reach out to let us know, or contact us today to learn more about Mappedin Analytics for your mall, office, stadium or physical space.