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Feature 101: Directory Ads

Jan 23, 2023

4 min read

By: Mandy Tang

Mappedin’s Directory Ads provide a simple way to monetize your directory signage during idle use or user interactions. Using Mappedin’s platform, you can bring Digital Out of Home (DooH) advertising to all screens throughout your portfolio in one simplified and centralized tool, making this a great alternative to more expensive advertising solutions in the market. 

Digital Out of Home Media 

To understand Mappedin’s approach to advertising and monetization, we must first take a look at DooH media.

So what is DooH media? You’ve likely seen it before. It’s any kind of advertisement displayed on a digital screen in a public space. Everything from a TV in a waiting room to a giant screen in Times Square. Before DooH existed, advertisement was only placed on print which was referred to as simply Out of Home media (OOH). Where digital shines is the flexibility to showcase engaging content like video, schedule many different advertisements throughout the day, and use real-time data like weather to create truly dynamic campaigns. See a great example of this in a DooH campaign by Google, which leverages weather, location, and time of day.

For advertisers, it’s a great way to target customers when they are away from their personal devices, showcase their product or service that can be purchased at a nearby retailer, or just to generally build brand recognition and trust. And for publishers, this can be a great way to garner additional revenue or become a main revenue stream for their venue. Both parties can benefit from the reduced costs of managing and installing print ads, the ability to showcase more varied content, and deeper analytics than was typically available before.

Why Directory Ads?

With DooH as a common advertising method for property owners, the opportunity to showcase events, promotions, and other advertisements on an existing device at your venue is extremely beneficial.  

The screens that run Mappedin’s Digital Directory product are just like any other screen where DooH campaigns would run. The main difference is we have our software running 24/7 to provide wayfinding to end-users. Advertisements placed on these screens are going to have engaged users walking up and interacting with them versus passive viewers you might typically have walking by advertisements. Because of this, Mappedin has integrated advertisements in a way in which benefits the advertiser with ample visibility for their content and at the same time doesn’t impede the experience for the end-user.

How do Directory Ads work? 

Mappedin provides out-of-the-box ad scheduling features directly within the CMS which offers you full control of the ads being shown, their timing and location. Depending on your advertising needs, there are two unique ad placements to choose from: a fullscreen overlay and a homepage banner.

You are now able to schedule your ads on a per-directory basis. Have relevant ads displayed in close proximity to the location of the promotion. Select "Show on the 3 Closest Kiosks" within the Mappedin CMS to have your ad reflect on the kiosks closest to the store.

By combining digital ads with your directory interface, the resulting experience is both valuable to advertisers and user-friendly for visitors to your property.  

Key features:

  • NEW Per-Directory Ads Scheduling: Mappedin’s Directory Ads feature allows you to schedule your ads for a specific time frame and specific kiosk location. Run even more ad campaigns within your venue on different directories.

  • Earn additional revenue: Create an additional revenue stream for your business. Leverage your idle directory screens to provide placements directly for advertisers or retailers.

  • Display multiple content types: Showcase both images and engaging videos within the same ad loop to capture the attention of visitors.

  • Sync from your CMS: Automate your workflow by syncing your advertisements and promotions to Mappedin from your own CMS.

  • Impression tracking: Use session data from Mappedin’s analytics to detect how many users saw the advertisements. 

 To learn more about this feature or our other solutions, contact us today.