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Feature 101: Mappedin Venue Format (MVF)

Nov 11, 2021

2 min read

By: Cara Hueston

Mappedin Venue Format (MVF) is a GeoJSON-based export that translates location data from the Mappedin system into a format that is globally recognized and documented. GeoJSON supports several different geometry types including points, linestrings, multipoint, multilinestring, and multipolygon. 

What is GeoJSON?

GeoJSON is based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and used to represent simple geographical features. The format is concerned with geographic data in the broadest sense. Anything with qualities bound in geographical space, not just physical structures, can be conceptualized in this format.   

What is MVF? 

Mappedin Venue Format is Mappedin’s proprietary indoor mapping format that is used to power digital map experiences. This export provides customers with geometry and location data associated with their venue. Through an API, Mappedin customers can ensure all recent changes to their data syncs accordingly, whether multiple times a day or once a month. 

Benefits of MVF

  • Based on a globally recognized JSON format 

  • Export includes all venue geometry 

  • Export includes nodes and paths for customers who want to add wayfinding to their MVF-powered experiences 

  • API provides easy access to data as often as desired

Why choose MVF?


Many platforms understand GeoJSON-based formats, which means that MVF allows customers to integrate indoor maps into many different applications. From layering indoor mapping data onto an outdoor map, integrating with positioning systems, or visualizing detailed data and analytics on a map, Mappedin Venue Format provides customers with ultimate flexibility.  


MVF puts the raw venue data back into the hands of our customers. With access to this raw data, customers can completely control their indoor mapping experience every step of the way and are not bound by features that currently exist in Mappedin’s SDKs or pre-built applications. 

Operational Maps 

For industries and use cases where the indoor map does not require 3D wayfinding (an internal-only security map at a mall versus a 3D shopper-facing map, for example) MVF provides the necessary data and gives customers the freedom to build an end experience for their specific use case. In some cases this is a 2D map but through this export, customers still have the ability to use Mappedin’s 3D renderer or select another of their choosing and populate 3D maps. 

To learn more about Mappedin’s GeoJSON exports, visit our website. To determine what solution is best for your venue, or to book a free demo, contact us today.