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Indoor Mapping for Building Engagement, Safety, Malls & More

Apr 6, 2021

6 min read

By: Cara Hueston

While we explore new use cases for indoor maps, we continue to improve our products and serve malls around the world. We’ve launched our SDK V3 to better serve our customers, added new features to our Map Editor, developed some innovative solutions to enable safe return-to-work, and much more.  

Mappedin Update - Q1 2021

This blog will focus on our work over the past quarter as we continue to expand the use cases for indoor mapping and help support business reopening around the world. Contact us today to learn more.  

New uses for digital office maps

It comes as no surprise that indoor mapping can help employees, visitors, and teams maneuver through an office space. This quarter, however, Mappedin has worked on some exciting new use cases for indoor maps including workplace applications to enhance the employee experience and air flow visualizations to improve health and safety.

Workplace Service Delivery with ServiceNow

Mappedin’s integration with ServiceNow enables a 3D interactive mapping solution for offices. In an increasingly distributed work environment, digital solutions must enable simple and flexible experiences, including the ability to easily find and book desks, collaboration spaces and meeting rooms, and navigate the workplace. With this integration, facility and workplace teams using ServiceNow will have the ability to leverage mapping as part of ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery, including a robust map editor suite to ensure floor plans remain up to date. 

Since announcing our partnership with ServiceNow, we’ve been focused on enabling a highly accurate mobile experience to complement the existing desktop solution. 3D wayfinding makes it easy for employees, visitors, and facilities teams to locate desks, rooms, and various amenities within the office space. This solution includes the ability to customize your starting location for venues without blue dot enabled - users simply add and drag a custom pin to indicate their approximate location before populating directions.

We are working with some exciting new properties to provide the Mappedin and ServiceNow integration:

  • AbioMed offices

  • CANCOM offices

  • YarraValley offices

  • ServiceNow offices

  • United Nations offices

  • NISA Investment Advisors offices

  • Navy Federal Credit Union offices

To learn more about how our companies are working together, read the ServiceNow and Mappedin: Improving the Employee Experience blog. 

SmartAir with WSP

WSP provides management and consultancy services to the built and natural environment. Mappedin’s indoor mapping solutions help visualize airflow as it moves throughout an indoor space. Layered on top of a 3D venue map, the SmartAir Visualizer also displays associated location and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) data. Dynamic arrows allow users to understand the direction of airflow and a colour-coded legend indicates the mean age of air.  

In addition to this visualization, Mappedin’s Map Upload portal creates a simple way for SmartAir Visualizer customers to upload their maps and associated data files into the Mappedin system. 

The leading provider of shopping mall maps 

Enhancing the digital experience for malls is a lasting focus for Mappedin and we will continue to expand our offering and bring indoor mapping to venues near you. This quarter, we've worked with some incredible shopping centres around the world:

  • Mallplaza, Chile

  • Al Bidda Park, Qatar

  • VIA Outlets, Germany

  • Mitsui Fudosan, Japan

  • Miracle Mile Mall, USA

  • Metropol Istanbul, Turkey

  • Arabian Centres, Saudi Arabia

  • Blanchardstown Centre, Ireland

  • Marina Mall, United Arab Emirates 

  • Location Mall, United Arab Emirates

To learn more about our deployment with South American mall group Mallplaza, read the press release and the case study Mallplaza: Managing Maps Across a Portfolio

To learn more about our solution at Miracle Mile Mall, including an integration with a conversational chat bot, read the blog Making Spaces Discoverable with Mappedin & Satisfi Labs.  

New! SDK V3 and Map Editor feature releases 


The newest release of our Mapping SDKs provides more ways for our customers to build custom mapping experiences and allows us to release more powerful features, faster. The latest update includes improvements to load times and along with Web, iOS, and Android, Mappedin now offers a React Native SDK. Consistency between these platforms mean that all four options contain the same great features, including:

  • Wayfinding

  • Follow mode 

  • Smart Labels

  • Blue dot experience 

  • Multi-floor navigation

  • Custom starting position 

Draft and Publish feature

The Draft and Publish mode in Mappedin’s Editor has been updated to better serve our venues. This update includes new features such as: 

  • Scheduling: Prepare your map changes as far in advance as you like and schedule them to go live at an exact date and time.

  • Previewing: See how your map changes will look on your directory and web experiences directly in the Map Editor and have confidence that your edits will be reflected as desired before hitting publish. 

  • Draft-Only Mode: A new permission level, draft-only access provides total control over your live data. This permission setting allows users to make edits to the map but requires a user with publishing rights to review and push any changes live. 

Vendor spotlight 

An indoor mapping platform unlocks an abundance of additional digital experiences. Below are some technology providers making an impact in the indoors.

Navv Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of indoor navigation & location services technology for hospitals, health systems, and other complex healthcare organizations. NavvTrack is a location services platform that offers workflow automation and basic equipment/asset tracking and loss prevention. By integrating with an indoor mapping platform, health care venues can take advantage of patient and visitor wayfinding as part of the organization-class platform.

Coniq leads the world in providing shopper engagement and loyalty solutions for the most advanced retail destinations. IQ Connect is a mobile app-based loyalty solution that enables location-based (proximity) marketing to drive shoppers into retail destinations through highly personalised communications and content across multiple customer engagement channels – real-time push notifications, SMS, emails. By incorporating a 3D interactive map within the mobile application, retail destinations can further leverage this experience to capture shoppers as they navigate and discover. 

ComQi is a global leader, providing a cloud-based Shopper Engagement Technology that influences consumers at the in-venue point of decision using all digital touch-points: digital signage, mobile, video, touch and web. By leveraging a digital map and wayfinding solution, venues can engage their customers and help them navigate to in-store inventory, promotions, or impulse purchases that have been curated by the retailer or venue operator.

The Indoor Mapping Landscape

We've created a white paper on The Indoor Mapping Landscape and discuss everything from the current state of the industry to why indoor maps are important, how they help drive additional revenue, applications across different industries, and how these indoor mapping experiences are created.  

Download the Whitepaper

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