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Indoor Maps, IWMS & the Employee Experience

Nov 24, 2020

3 min read

By: Cara Hueston

How can workplace software improve employee satisfaction, safety, and even retention? Hint: add an indoor map.   

What are the benefits of an IWMS to employees? 

Our last blog discussed Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and the various ways this software can be used to increase efficiencies for workplace facilities teams and improve the overall employee experience. This blog will focus on the functions and benefits of an IWMS as it pertains to employees. 

Employee Wayfinding 

Through the integration of an IWMS with a digital indoor map, employees and visitors alike can search, browse, and navigate around a workspace. This solution provides businesses and their facilities teams with a platform to maintain up-to-date digital maps of their office, as well as an interactive map for employees to access across any device. Employees can search for a desk location, nearby meeting rooms, cafeteria hours, and more. Once they’ve determined their destination, step-by-step wayfinding provides them with the fastest route.

Space Management

As employees return to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic, office buildings will need to make space management a priority. With an IWMS and digital map on hand, workplaces can plan strategic floor plans and layouts that account for employee movement and social distancing protocols. An IWMS also allows you to use automation to communicate with employees. For example, if there are staggered arrival times for different departments or ‘hot desks’ are used for employee seating, these updates can be sent to employees before they arrive at your office for the day. 

Meeting Room Booking 

Another key use case for an IWMS within office buildings is the ability to search for and reserve meeting rooms. Your team can add meeting rooms to the software, along with important details such as room size and location, tech equipment, and anything else that might be relevant to employees. This feature saves valuable time as well as resources, helping to ensure that employees are booking rooms according to the space and equipment that are needed. 

Contact Monitoring 

Office buildings can use their IWMS to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Through contact monitoring software, businesses can detect when a contact event has occurred on-site between any device that is opted in. With this information on hand, employees can be notified and begin treatment or isolation, and employers can identify any potential risk areas moving forward. 

The value of an indoor map

Using an IWMS, employees can use maps to access various workplace services, find and reserve an available meeting room, and use wayfinding to navigate throughout the facilities. Of course, none of these experiences are possible without an accurate and digital indoor map. Not only can the above experiences contribute towards employee satisfaction, safety, and even retention, but they also help facilities teams make informed decisions about their office and how the spaces within it are used. 

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