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Mappedin Product Update: Q3 2017

Oct 9, 2017

3 min read

By: Genny Orser

Welcome to the first Mappedin product update. Since it’s the first, we’ve included a description for each product as well as the new features. Our products and feature set have greatly evolved over the last few months as we continue to capture key learnings from our customers and the market.

Mappedin Web

Mappedin Web is a fully packaged solution that can be easily embedded into any web experience. Along with its seamless integration, the platform is constantly evolving to incorporate data driven learnings. It features an interactive 3D map, smart search, responsive design, and much more. Below outlines the core changes we’ve made to the platform over the last quarter.

What’s new?

Search Bar Usability – Selecting, deleting & typing functions have undergone usability enhancements to ensure they’re intuitive for the user.

Branding – Mappedin customers are able to customize branding to ensure the map reflects the overall look and feel of their website.

Expanded Industries – Non-mall features have been added to the UI, enabling Mappedin Web to better serve mixed use spaces, office buildings and corporate campus’.

Interactive Logos – Logos now rotate seamlessly as users explore the map to ensure they’re always oriented appropriately.

Mappedin Mobile SDK

Within our platform, we offer SDKs for both mobile and web. Our SDK tools allow you to create a custom experience while leveraging Mappedin’s design principles. Our mobile SDK is available for both iOS and Android devices. The below SDK update focuses on exciting new features we’ve added to the mobile tool set.

What’s new?

Indoor Positioning Enablement – This allows our customers to pair Mappedin wayfinding with their indoor positioning provider to offer an accurate navigation experience. Read The Dubai Mall case study to learn more about a customer implementation of this feature. 

The indoor positioning and 3D mapping features are available for both iOS and Android devices ensuring the experience is consistent among all users.

Mappedin Analytics

The Mappedin Analytics dashboard provides usage data across our customer’s wayfinding platforms, highlighting shopper intent. The data is visualized at both a property and enterprise level. 

What’s new?

Funnel Visualization – As part of our expanded dashboard, we’ve started piecing user funnels together. The funnel above depicts the consumer journey from the beginning of a session, right through to navigation.

Category Tracking – Users have the option to search for a location or browse by categories. We now track both actions and display that within the dashboard.

Export – Mappedin customers can export raw data for their properties, enabling them to use it with other data-sets.

Mappedin CMS

The Mappedin CMS allows venue owners and operators to manage their property data and user experience. The Mappedin CMS includes a robust map editor suite and can populate changes in real-time, providing an always accurate wayfinding experience.

What’s new?

Snapshot – This map editor feature gives customers the ability to backup and archive maps, making it easy to recover a previous version if necessary.

Hours of Operation – Customers can import the hours of operation when initially importing their property locations, further streamlining the map creation and management process.

Languages – We’ve deployed multilingual interfaces across different products and enabled customers set up properties with the following new languages; Chinese, Arabic, Spanish & French.

If you have any questions about this this update, feel free to contact us through the following channels;

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