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Interactive Multi-building Navigation for Offices

Jul 7, 2022

4 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

Going to the office? Find out how using multi-building navigation, a feature of Mappedin’s indoor mapping and navigation platform, can make it easy for employees and visitors to find their way around several buildings, departments, and office areas.

Using Multi-building Navigation in Offices

Multi-building navigation is a feature of Mappedin’s Responsive Web App which enables users to populate directions within and between buildings using the most efficient path. When used in offices, staff and visitors can use a digital office map to search for a location, and seamlessly navigate through indoor and outdoor locations. These include multi-storey buildings, departments, conference rooms, amenities, and everything in between. 

Why Multi-building Navigation for Offices is So Effective

Multi-building navigation is an effective solution for providing intuitive guidance in buildings and outdoor environments. Companies can showcase an outdoor map with all of their buildings and architectural features, along with maps of the interior of each building, without compromising the user experience. The best part? Office maps can be accessed from the company website, digital directories on-site, or a workplace app. Whether through a desktop or mobile device, visitors can easily access interactive maps to guide them through office buildings, meeting rooms, and departments.

Why Office Multi-building Navigation is Important

3D office maps with multi-building navigation enable employees and guests to quickly get acquainted with their surroundings as they pan, zoom, and rotate the interactive display. 

Visitors can simply pull up the digital map and search for a location, whether that is a location inside a building or the building itself, and seamlessly navigate through the indoors and outdoors. With turn-by-turn directions to parking lots, meeting rooms, amenities, and office equipment, companies can increase employee productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Seamless Office Wayfinding

Do you have several new hires that are unfamiliar with your office? Has your office layout changed this year? Office wayfinding eliminates the confusion of navigating an unfamiliar workplace by enabling seamless guidance in buildings. While providing contextual information to new employees and first-time visitors, it enables users to plan their routes on-the-go while heading to their next meeting. 

Multi-building Positioning System

A multi-building positioning system can benefit all industries with indoor and outdoor spaces. These include offices, college and university campuses, airports, resorts, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues. With multi-building positioning, users can seamlessly travel between buildings and outdoor locations, as well as the varying levels of floors and rooms located inside them. With indoor positioning, multi-building navigation is taken to the next level by enabling users to view their real-time location on the map as they move through a venue.

Benefits of Using Multi-building Navigation for Offices

Multi-building navigation is extremely beneficial for offices because it helps close the loop when navigating between and within buildings. Whether you’re looking for a fax machine, conference room, or restaurant, multi-building navigation helps you confidently navigate between several locations to reach your destination. It enhances the workplace experience, helps visitors and employees find their way around, keeps everyone informed, and can be used for improved safety and security measures.

Implementing Multi-building Navigation in an Office

Multi-building navigation begins with a digital map. It’s important to find a reliable mapping software provider, like Mappedin, that has experience with office spaces of different sizes. The service provider must be able to map both indoor spaces and outdoor environments, offer seamless indoor-outdoor guidance in buildings, and can integrate seamlessly with your existing website and apps. 

What Sets MappedIn Apart?

As the leading provider of digital indoor mapping software, Mappedin provides offices with interactive 3D maps, intuitive wayfinding controls, and a Map Editor platform to manage location data, test alternate floor plans, and more.

Our platform provides powerful outdoor-indoor navigation guidance and the Mappedin CMS is the foundational layer for your office mapping experience. You can make edits to your interactive office map and deploy changes in real-time across all platforms. Building details and new facilities can all be updated simultaneously across building directories, digital signage, website, and mobile applications.

Multi-building Navigation for Offices FAQs

Why GPS Cannot Be Used Indoors?

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other satellite technologies struggle to obtain signal strength in indoor environments. To enable accurate indoor positioning and guidance in buildings, you must choose an indoor mapping provider, like Mappedin, whose technology is designed to integrate with an Indoor Positioning System (IPS), including beacons, wi-fi, RFID, and geomagnetic sensors. 

How Do You Build an Indoor Navigation System?

We know that an outdoor-indoor navigation system is extremely beneficial for offices and visitors, but how can you start building one? Head over to our blog How to Create Indoor Navigation Maps and Experiences for a thorough step-by-step guide, and contact us today to learn more.