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Product 101: Airport Web App

Mar 16, 2023

4 min read

By: Mandy Tang

Discover the power of Mappedin’s Airport Web App, designed to help users easily search, navigate and explore complex airport venues. Built with our innovative Web SDK, this app boasts a fully responsive design that enables visitors to access indoor maps on any device, whether they're using a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. 

What is The Airport Web App? 

Built with our SDK, our Airport Web App has been optimized for airport venues with special features to further enhance traveler experience and unlock deeper discovery of stores, restaurants, and much more! You can expect to see the powerful functionality and features from our Web App such as: 

  • Turn-by-Turn Directions 

  • Branded Experience 

  • Blue Dot 

  • Easy Integration 

  • Accessible to All 

  • Analytics 

  • Ads and Promotions 

Product Features

Clickable Directions 

Airports can be large and complex to navigate. Our web app allows users to click through turn-by-turn directions at their own pace to get to their destination. Breaking up a user's trip into manageable steps can help reduce confusion, increase efficiency, and ensure that all necessary actions are taken in the correct order. This feature is optimized for both mobile and desktop, to allow users to view more of the map while traveling to their destination. 

Save My Gate 

Users can locate their gate on the map or through search, then save it for future use. The gate is readily available when getting directions, making getting around the venue quick and convenient. It is also pinned on the map until it is removed by the user, allowing the user to orient themselves inside the venue and quickly reference where they are seated at their gate. When paired with Blue Dot, this experience becomes even more valuable. A user can get directions from anywhere in the venue directly to their seat and see both their location and the gate on the map at all times.

Improved UX 

Multi-destination wayfinding just got easier. Have the ability to explore the map and select the store you would like to visit to populate the empty field in the navigation bar. Simply select additional locations to add them to your journey. 

The mobile experience has been improved through optimizing screen space through clickable directions. This feature allows mobile device users to read their directions in manageable steps while having the ability to view the map full screen. We have also added travel time to your directions, so you can arrive for your flight on time!

Top Benefits of Implementing Wayfinding in Your Airport  

Improved Customer Experience 

Lost in the airport? We’ve all been there. Navigating a large airport can be confusing and stressful, but with indoor navigation, passengers and employees can get step-by-step directions from their exact location to any destination in real-time.  By providing clear and concise directions to different locations within the airport, passengers can feel less stressed and more confident in finding their way around.

Improved Efficiency

When passengers can quickly and easily find their way around the airport, they are less likely to get lost or confused, which can help streamline operations and keep flights on schedule. By investing in advanced wayfinding technology, airports can enhance the customer experience and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency. Discover how effective wayfinding can benefit your airport and ensure smooth, on-time departures and arrivals

Improved Safety 

With wayfinding technology in airports, passengers and staff can feel safer knowing they have easy access to emergency services, exits, and other crucial locations. Emergency personnel can monitor, locate, and visualize incidents on a map in real-time. Meanwhile, a visitor map can enable travelers to request help and report incidents directly on the map. This notifies emergency personnel of their exact position and ensures that individuals get the help they need quickly and efficiently. 

Getting Started 

Mappedin’s web solution powers 59.7M sessions and 4.11M searches annually at 645+ properties around the world. Contact us to learn more about our Airport Web App, book a demo, or to implement this solution across your venues.