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Product 101: Mappedin SDKs

Apr 20, 2020

2 min read

By: Cara Hueston

Mappedin's SDKs enable our clients to build custom experiences that rely on accurate mapping, location, and indoor positioning data. 

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At Mappedin, we offer pre-built applications as well as Mapping SDKs to provide flexibility for our customers, no matter the industry or use case. Our pre-built applications allow our clients to get up-and-running quickly, while our SDKs enable them to build fully custom experiences. Across large displays, mobile phones, or anything in between, the Mappedin SDKs bring with them accurate mapping, location, and indoor positioning data as well as important wayfinding controls. 

Mapping SDK functionality 

Our iOS, Android, and Web SDKs have been built with our clients and their potential use cases in mind. We’ve also continued to prioritize the components that we, through our experience, know simplify and enhance the mapping experience. In fact, both our pre-built Digital Directory and Web solutions are powered by our Web SDK. 

Our SDKs can be used to build any experience that requires mapping and location data or controls, including the following features:

  • Fully 3D map

  • Accurate location data 

  • Step-by-step directions and navigation

  • Compatible with indoor positioning technology

  • Mapping controls such as zoom, rotate, and multi-level selector

  • Outdoor context maps

  • Offline mode

The existing functionality built within our Mapping SDKs enable our clients to build reliable and accurate experiences based around an indoor map, without being experts in indoor mapping. Not only can a venue’s associated map and location data be picked apart and used in creative ways, but Mappedin’s Map Manager tools allow that data to be maintained in real-time, ensuring positioning-based experiences are alway accurate.  

Use cases for Mapping SDKs

Mappedin’s SDKs have been used by a number of clients in different industries. Here are just a few examples. 

Venue-Specific Applications

Incorporate maps, categories, search, and more into a venue-specific application.  

Store Maps for Grocery

Effortlessly navigate store products with the Shopping List builder and fastest-route pathing.  

Retail Directories 

Create custom directories that match the look and feel of your property. 

Asset Tracking Maps

Quickly find geo-tagged documents within a building by interacting with the map or searching by list. 

Read more about our Mapping SDKs or contact us today to learn more.