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Once again, Mappedin is setting a new standard for indoor maps

May 17, 2024

4 min read

By: Mappedin

See How Beautiful, Smart, and Practical Maps Power State-of-the-Art Solutions 

At Mappedin, we understand the power of bringing design and technology together to get the most out of your maps. That’s why we have a dedicated team of expert (and passionate) designers and technologists who tirelessly work to set the next benchmark for indoor mapping.

The result: a new beautiful look with state-of-the-art technology that will not only impress but inform.

In the ever-changing world of design, maps need to evolve as well. Maps do more than just show locations; they provide essential information for navigating and understanding our world. This highlights the need to create mapping solutions that provide visual appeal, technological agility, and enriched information–a complex balance our designers and developers strive to achieve and maintain.

How Mapping Technologists Think About Design

Creating a map may seem easy, but designing one that effectively communicates complex information to many audiences for diverse use cases demands advanced technology and top-notch designers.

To help guide us, we’ve developed the following key design principles:

  • Clear visual hierarchy - Organize and present information clearly by prioritizing certain details and elements (i.e. size, colors, style). 

  • Consistent styling - Use uniform symbols and colors to enhance readability for easily recognizable and understandable indoor mapping across any device. 

  • Simplified design - Keep the interface clean and modern to avoid clutter and distractions.

  • Low visual competition - Reduce unnecessary elements that can compete for attention and confuse viewers.

  • Centralized content library - Create a standardized database for mapping and location content to simplify data display, updates, and maintenance.

Improved Orientation

We've enhanced the orientation on our maps by providing additional visual context, making it easier for users to locate themselves and find places in less time.

New street maps for more comprehensive directions

Surrounding outdoor features such as streets, fields, bodies of water, and building outlines are now available for display. These elements help visitors understand their surroundings and identify landmarks for better orientation.

Dynamic map panning with floating labels and icons 

Help your guests find any location instantly. Floating labels and icons allow for dynamic map panning and zooming while location icons and labels auto-adjust for clear and consistent visibility.  Highlight recognizable brands and promote your tenants. 

New Map Styling

You can now impress and engage visitors with a new and more modern look and feel. 

Modern look and feel for a better experience

A sleek, streamlined design modernizes the look and feel of venue interiors using a monochromatic style, with refined elements like walls, floor, and connections for a cleaner look. An advanced mapping interface makes it faster and easier for visitors to search, find, and navigate to any location.

Presenting clear, legible, searchable and navigable maps, especially when visitors access them on a variety of devices, is critical to a great indoor mapping experience. 

Quicker Navigation 

We’ve introduced brand new navigation features to guide visitors in less time and help guests discover new spaces and venues.

Search effortlessly with Top Locations

A Top Location feature allows specific places and brands to be highlighted or promoted directly in the search bar. Up to four locations on desktop and eight on mobile can be featured, making it easy to set any location or amenity for quick access.

Drive traffic with Branded Locations

Locations identified with recognizable brand logos help guests quickly identify their favorite locations. These logos are visible consistently, at any map zoom level to enhance orientation. This feature allows for tenant brands to be featured with promotions to drive both exposure and revenue. 

The Path Forward

As the saying goes - the only constant is change and that is absolutely also true for map designs. We are hard at work to continually make new, cutting-edge improvements and deliver world class mapping solutions that provide the best indoor experiences for customers. 

With new advances in AI and more complex data integrations to help surface additional insights, we are raising the bar and setting new directions for indoor mapping.

Stay tuned to see what’s next!