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Mappedin Unveils Breakthrough Tools for Indoor Mapmakers Everywhere

Feb 29, 2024

4 min read

By: Mappedin

Revolutionary AI mapmaking now offers workspace collaboration and enhanced location information overlays for detail-rich 3D indoor maps in minutes.

[Waterloo, Canada, February 29, 2024] - Mappedin, the leading global authority in indoor mapping, is introducing its Mappedin Plus map subscription, giving mapmakers everywhere access to easy-to-use tools and enhanced features to enrich their 3D indoor maps in minutes. Mappedin Plus is available today, enabling mapmakers and teams in small to medium-sized organizations to create more detail-rich indoor maps. This follows the launch of a free, self-serve product at the end of last year. 

"2024 marks the beginning of an exciting evolution in the AI era for mapmaking," said Hongwei Liu, CEO at Mappedin. "Built on our successful delivery of complex enterprise solutions across markets, these breakthrough tools and services streamline the mapmaking process so that anyone anywhere in the world can make an indoor map in minutes." Liu added, "Whether you're mapping a store, office, library, school, event venue, or mall, our goal is to make the indoors as discoverable as the outdoors."

Mappedin Free and Plus map subscriptions provide easy-to-use tools to make beautiful 3D indoor maps and navigation for anyone who wants to guide visitors and customers while promoting safer and more efficient spaces. With Mappedin, individuals with no mapping experience or professional mapmakers can easily map their indoor spaces, commercial properties, and community venues. To get started for free, Mappedin subscribers can simply sign up at on a desktop device.

Mappedin Free allows users to make maps in minutes:

  • ​​Map creation: Upload floor plans to get started. Save, share, and download maps and keep them up to date. 

  • Scan and capture: If starting without a floor plan, download the Mappedin iOS App and start LiDAR scanning indoor spaces.

  • AI mapmaking: AI-powered tools accelerate map creation with automatic detection of floor plan features, such as doors, windows, walls, and more.

  • Map workspace: Manage maps and subscriptions all in one place.

  • Interactive navigation: Publish 3D maps with navigation, easily embed them on websites, and share them with others through links and QR codes.

  • Safety-first annotations: Add specialized safety symbols directly to maps and include them for publishing in downloaded PDFs and interactive 3D maps.

Today’s release of Mappedin Plus offers mapmakers more capabilities, including:

  • Map workspaces with multiple role assignments

  • Unlimited map collaborators

  • Descriptions, images, and links for map objects and locations

  • Premium theme styling (coming soon)

  • New map export options, such as SVG, OBJ, gITF (coming soon)

About Mappedin Map Subscriptions

Mappedin allows anyone to create a map and scale up as usage and required features increase. 

  • Mappedin Free: Users can sign up quickly and start creating a map in minutes.

  • Mappedin Plus: Individuals and businesses have access to enhanced features and location tools to build detail-rich maps. Plus starts at $25 per map per month, billed annually.

  • Mappedin Pro (coming soon): Professional users, integrators, and developers will be able to build complete map experiences using a wide array of tools including SDKs and APIs.

To learn more about Mappedin subscriptions, features, and pricing visit

About Mappedin

Mappedin is a global leader in indoor mapping and spatial data management. Our innovative solutions power billions of square feet of indoor space and guide millions of people. We enhance indoor experiences, optimize indoor spaces, and strengthen public safety through advanced mapping technologies. We're making indoor maps as commonplace as our outdoor counterparts and we are committed to creating accessible and user-friendly mapping tools for automated paper-to-digital floor plan conversion. Mappedin offers revolutionary ways to enable mapmakers to effortlessly map and share their indoor spaces. For more information about Mappedin, visit


Press contact: Joan Silver, VP of Marketing,