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Using Maps to Create a Safer Indoors

Oct 14, 2020

4 min read

By: Cara Hueston

When the world as we knew it began to change rapidly, individuals, businesses, and governments were left playing catch up. Early on, Mappedin’s focus became determining how to use our knowledge of the indoors, powerful mapping platform, and accurate location data to contribute to a safer indoors.  

Mappedin Update - Q3 2020

This blog will focus on our work over the past quarter as we navigate an adapted indoors. Contact us today to learn more.

Navigating the “New Normal” 

As businesses everywhere come to terms with the policies and guidelines that accompany our “new normal,” it is a great time to consider implementing technology that can smooth this transition or provide altogether new approaches to public safety. 

Digital Maps & First Responders  

In an emergency when timing is critical, having the most up-to-date mapping data at your fingertips can be the difference between tragedy and victory. It can take time for first responders to locate important information such as building access points or stairwells so to ensure the safety of visitors and employees, businesses need an easy way to share accurate digital maps of their building with emergency services. 

Mappedin hopes to service this gap with our indoor mapping platform. Our Map Editor provides venues with a way to keep their maps updated and displayed across any digital platform.  

To learn more, listen to Mappedin CEO, Hongwei Liu, as he discusses finding a safe path forward on True North TV or read our blog on 7 Ways Indoor Mapping Helps With Disaster Management.       

Indoor Mapping & COVID-19   

Mappedin has developed an Open Sourced Contact Monitoring solution for businesses to use as a measure of keeping employees safe as they return to the workplace. This solution is different from alternatives in that it focuses on indoor venues, where accurate user positioning and monitoring pose more of a challenge. 

To read more about the solution and how your business can take advantage of it, read the press release

An indoor mapping platform can act on its own to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 if Contact Monitoring is not required for your business or you have an existing system in place. Use digital mapping to visualize your indoor space, manage occupancy, identify restricted areas, communicate with employees or visitors, and more.  

Read the blog 9 Ways Indoor Mapping Can Improve Social Distancing Strategies to learn more about improving safety for employees within your workplace. 

 An Adapted Indoors

Indoor spaces and their operators must continue to be flexible as new information is released regarding restrictions to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Mappedin has, and will continue to, incorporate feedback from our clients and provide mapping solutions that keep the safety of their venues, customers, and visitors at top of mind. 

To learn more about our adapted solutions for malls and retail spaces, read the Return to Retail blog and to learn about our work with offices and other corporations, read our blog Making Venues Safer and More Efficient with Smart Building Technology

101 Ways to Use Indoor Mapping 

There are so many applications for indoor mapping and these span across industry and geography. Mappedin is focused on providing our audience with continued education and resources for the many use cases and benefits of an indoor mapping platform.

New! Indoor Mapping Website  

In an effort to highlight the different ways that indoor mapping tools can be used, we launched a new Mappedin website that puts our platform (mapping tools and SDKs) front-and-centre. We’ve added an Industry Examples section to showcase in more detail how our platform can be used to benefit businesses and users across different industries. Stay tuned as this section continues to grow!

For more ways to use digital indoor mapping, read our blog 18 Interesting Use Cases for Indoor Mapping

Exciting New Partnerships 

We've worked with some exciting new properties over the past quarter. As our technology adapts, we are able to service more and more industries. Below are a few examples of clients using our indoor mapping platform:

Shopping Malls


  • Siam Piwat, Thailand 

  • Mitsui Fudosan, Japan

  • Miracle Mile Mall, USA

  • Vicinity Centres, Australia 

  • Jamestown Properties, USA

  • Nebraska Crossing Outlets, USA


  • Seattle Seahawks, USA

  • Blundstone Arena, Australia


  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan


  • Branksome Hall, Canada

Mixed Use

  • Walker Corporation, Australia


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