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Macerich Increases Digital Touchpoints

May 22, 2018

3 min read

By: Mappedin

Macerich is one of America's leading owners, operators, and developers of major retail real estate. The S&P 500 company provides intuitive wayfinding to its shoppers and a platform for messaging to its retailers and brand partners. 


As technology and the way people shop continually evolve, Macerich is focused on enhancing shoppers' mall experience through a robust set of digital touchpoints that can adapt alongside industry changes.

Mappedin's Digital Directories provide shoppers with interactive, intuitive, 3D maps to navigate the Macerich shopping centers. Users of the digital interface can search for a location and populate directions to their point of interest.

The Customer

An S&P 500 company, America's Macerich is one of the country's leading owners, operators and developers of major retail real estate. Macerich is different. Their unique and irreplaceable properties and dominant position in the nation's gateway markets — the most affluent and densely populated with significant international appeal — set the company apart. Their properties, located in top U.S. markets, connect the nation’s most desirable consumers with retailers and brands. 

The Opportunity

Macerich is focused on enhancing the shopper experience in all ways, including a robust set of digital touchpoints that make the most of state-of-the-art technologies. The premier mall REIT seeks to provide easy and intuitive wayfinding for shoppers at all of its 48 retail properties.

The Solution

Mappedin's Digital Directory solution provides shoppers with an intuitive, full-screen, interactive wayfinding experience, while also offering a dynamic new platform for retailers and brands to connect with guests at our one-of-a-kind properties.

- Kurt Ivey, Vice President of Marketing, Macerich

Macerich has deployed Mappedin's Digital Directory solution in 19 of its malls across the United States. The map-centric interface was designed with an optimized touch experience to provide seamless map interactions. Both companies applied industry knowledge and experience to collaborate on the delivery of an enhanced platform.

The highly intuitive, double-sided displays deliver a best-in-class experience for Macerich shoppers as well as retailers and brands. One side of the kiosk includes the Mappedin Digital Directory interface to help shoppers conveniently navigate to store locations and shopping center amenities. The other side offers full-motion video where brands and retailers can present advertising and promotional information. 

The Results

With up to 16 two-sided digital directories per property, we're pleased to deliver unprecedented opportunities for stores and brand partners to share their messages with shoppers at Macerich's market-leading malls. These responsive, easy-to-use directories will be a magnet for shoppers as well as a great new tool for our retail partners.

- Kurt Ivey, Vice President of Marketing, Macerich

Digital Directory:

  • Interactive 3D Map - Enables users to easily orient themselves and better visualize their surroundings. As the map moves, so do the store labels.

  • Smart Search - Predictive search results appear as users type, minimizing the number of keystrokes needed to find a location.

  • Offline Mode - Directory UI will work offline and updates with any map changes once back online.

  • Multilingual Support - Available across Spanish, French, and Simplified Chinese.