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How Marina Mall Uses Maps to Increase Online Engagement

May 20, 2021

3 min read

By: Mappedin

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As part of their website rebrand, Marina Mall worked with Mappedin to implement a cost-effective mapping solution that drives online traffic and provides a seamless digital experience.

The Customer

Marina Mall is a leading shopping destination in Abu Dhabi, geographically located in one of the city’s most prominent districts. With 5 floors, the total size of Marina Mall is 235,000 sq meters, or approximately 44 football fields.

The Opportunity

While undergoing a website redesign, Marina Mall was looking for a cost-effective mapping solution that would not only increase online traffic, but stand out from other competitors in the mall space. By showcasing interactive maps on their website, they wanted to deliver a high-end experience that would allow visitors to explore the entirety of their property.

Marina Mall also emphasized the importance of finding a mapping platform that allowed them to easily manage and edit their maps. With their property spanning 5 floors, they wanted a user-friendly tool that permitted collaboration between users. This way, edits to their maps can be done swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that visitors are presented with the most up-to-date information regarding new additions, the location of retailers and services, and more.

The Solution

Responsive Web App: Marina Mall implemented Mappedin’s Responsive Web Application to deliver an enhanced digital mapping experience. This solution showcases maps on their website, generating increased online traffic as shoppers search for key information such as mall hours, featured stores, and more. As a “plug and play” solution, Mappedin’s Web App was easily embedded into the Marina Mall site without any additional development efforts, helping to deliver a cost-effective mapping experience.

Map Editor: Mappedin’s Editor tools are user-friendly and make it simple for Marina Mall to update and edit their maps as their property changes. With a range of professional editing tools, Marina Mall can manage location data, event dates and details, and more in one centralized platform. From long-term venue changes, to small or temporary changes, Marina Mall can ensure that shoppers are always presented with the most up-to-date information. Our CMS also enables collaboration with different users, making it that much easier to manage their maps. 

The Result

Marina Mall was able to increase online engagement through the usage of Mappedin’s interactive maps, and deliver an enhanced experience that guests keep coming back for! 

Mappedin was our choice mapping provider because of their ability to deliver modern interactive maps and an easy-to-use Map Editor. Their platform enabled us to make easy and seamless edits within the shopping mall, and provide a digital experience to our visitors, all while increasing online traffic on our website.

Marina Mall Abu Dhabi Management

Looking Forward

Mappedin continues to provide indoor mapping capabilities that enhance all venue and industry types. By transforming venues into a digital experience, we can help deliver the solutions you need! 

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our indoor mapping solutions for malls, or contact us today to see how we can bring your vision to life!